Sunday, March 30, 2003

*sigh* what a week this is, and probably going to be too. I spent the past week WORKING. My stats hmwk is now only FCP and Permutations, so that's not to bad, but I also have to read 150 pages by tomorrow. *sigh* this is going to be a long night (I look like Charlie Brown with war and piece). Well atleeast I can do all this work in the comfort of my own room now that my dad let me borrow his spare laptop (so i can work on my stats hmwk in my room instead of his room). Here's how the week went.

Monday of last week: Well I found out the other girl's real name (Meerna), and then homeward bound. I got myself a beating for my betraying thoughts of the previous entry from Sakura. I was even surprised that she still loved me after what I said about Meerna, and nothing about her. I guess that's what love is, somebody who is willing to forgive you despite such a brutal assault on one's heart. I will always love you Sakura, and you will always be in my heart. I realized now that Meerna was probably just a physical attraction, and nothing more.

Tuesday: Nothing much except a wonderful talk with Sakura

Wednesday: Start of my bad luck. Nothing bad during the day, just what happened at night. A blackout occurs in only 1 part of the town MY community, plus my stats analysis got erased, and I didn't print anything out yet! Agh! Eat, go to sleep.

Thursday: Morning, work on stats project, work work work, not done! Go to class, report that I'm not ready because of big freaking blackout! Partner in the same state as I am, but he wasn't affected by the Blackout! I come home, and finish up my work in 4 hrs. Get yelled at by dad and mom for working too hard.

Friday: Goes to class, do interview, forget to say some stuff (BAD), didnt do any of the hmwk from the week because I was working on the project. Go to robotics club, play with the BOE bot, and we created a very good obstacle avoidance program! Yippee! Come home, have a nice talk with Sakura, have a talk with dad about using his laptop, got the laptop, and yippee! Stayed up until 4:00AM waiting for Sakura, and reading Inu Yasha fanfics. I saved a really nice one for you Sakura.

Saturday: Get my new glasses, wow i can see much better now, and they're so light that i sometimes think im not wearing my glasses. Do some of the stats homework, and kind of play the day away. Watch Robotech from 10:20PM to 11:20PM, sign off, and went to sleep.

Today: Wake up, turn on comp, surf the web, talk to jero, talk to reeve, find out I missed Sakura last night by a mere 3 minutes, and start banging my head on the desk for my eagerness to catch some sleep that i missed on friday. Go work on my english hmwk, make half the dumplings for the week, kind of get in the way of dad, dad's pissed that mom and i got in the way. i get out of the way and try to avoid a fight. we eat, and then mom asks me when im going to straford. i say on the 8th,and then a doc appointment on 7, my bday on the 6, and robot practise run on the 9th. dad gets upset that i mentioned robots because he hates it when i am involved in it. well im actually the organiser and manager of the club and the competition, along with the cooperation of my old HS (I thank you so much Serena for loaning your school and remembering me after 3 years absence). The situation kind of reminds me of the Movie October Sky, but instead of Rockets VS Dad's disapproval, it's Robotics VS Dad's disapproval. *sigh* I love my robots, they're like my children, as I watch my creations grow from measly cars with bumper activated avoidance, to the Wright Flyer with Legs that I'm currently working on. I really don't get any approval of extra-curriculars from my dad although he has already forced me from the Science Olympics, and the Science Fair. How do I pursue something if all I have knowledge of the concepts but no experience of how to combine them? I wish you were here for mye Sakura, Dad really hurt me there. Mom tried to help, but she goes about it through arguing, and that is something I don't want either. Well after a cooling off period of an hour, the family took a trip to BIG Loblaws (Ya, the family outing is a trip to the supermarket). We bought more frivilous stuff, like another CUTE Lamb, and another one of those Star Wars Lego Mini sets. I just love those Mini sets, they're fun to play with, and I can play with them anywhere. We came home, ate a snack, and I finished my english hmwk. That's all for today, time to eat dinner, and go to reading my novel for tomorrow.

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