Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crappy TTC! My exam that was at noon, I was LATE and I left an entire hour before it thinking I'd have 20 minutes or so to spare. There wasn't a freaking bus for a whole half hour, and I'm just glad that the prof is a disorganized buffoon that doesn't know how long it takes to move people into a set number of seats (just got to lay down the exams, and people will sit where there is one).

So after that, I went home on the TTC, but since I didn't have anything tasking me, I could afford the 1 hour trip back. Also decided that since it was a perfect day (between 17-20C) to test out my bike and try the yonge to keele bike ride. A good friend of mine did it just about daily, and she used a Tokyo folding bike which are much smaller than my high speed hybrid that my dad bought.

And to no surprise to me, between the time of 5:00PM and 5:35PM while I was riding to York, there wasn't a SINGLE bus along Finch to pass me. There were tons of cars passing me, but not a single transit bus, and loads of people to pass while nearing major bus stops Bathurst, Dufferin and Keele. I was almost tempted to calvary charge the crowds with my Chinese sword

And yup, my friend was right, it does only take half an hour to get to York by bike, and it's way more reliable than TTC. Does anyone know exactly how much "leniency" time the drivers get to be allowed off schedule? I think it was something like 8 minutes. Which is ridiculous for a frequent service route that is suppose to have a bus every 2 minutes ...

Anyways, now that it is summer, I ought to find something to do. Riding to and from York for fencing or archery though is an excellent form of exercise, with a good challenge of hills, and its functionality of saving money and air.