Monday, February 24, 2003

Okay, another week gone by and another crazy bunch of events. Let's start with a change to my format of the blog. I'm stopping the song and status thing because that's diverting my attention from what I really want to put in. So let's start with School, I got my tests and quizzes back from Data Management (Stats). My marks are... 89% for quiz, and PERFECT 100% for the test! Happy 97.5% average for that course (Quizzes worth 25%, and test worth 75% of whole grade)! English I'm at a lowly 59% because I am lacking detail in my writing again. I really need to write more details and be more specific on my arguments. I've a Biology presentation to do tomorrow because my partner didn't come today. I've also a Biology lab due tomorrow, it's easy because I took this course for half a semester, and all the material is the same. I have a cumulative assignment part 1 for statistics due on tuesday next week, and the thursday of that week is school skip day #3! So mid break is actually a week plus 3 days for me ^_^.

As for my personal life, that I have barely touched on ever since a few escapades ago. I can't say much because it's really personal! Hehe, I'll just say that Sakura and I are still holding on, and my love for her grows with life when each day passes. How about family? Well I don't really like my mom and sister that much. They both show incompetency with technology around them. GEEZ, couldn't they spend 1 sec to learn and know that you press the A1 when you want to watch DVDs, and press B2 to watch VCDs on the PSX? Or couldn't mom just pick up the remote and turn TV on, and press AVX when she sees Video as the channel? Also, mom spends 6 times what she estimates when she's on the computer. "Oh, I just need 10min to make spreadsheet." 1hr later. "Hey, I thought you were going to be done in 10 minutes mom?!" Or my sister "I only need 15min to check my mail" 3hr later. "I'm done, you can go on now." ARGH! What do I have to do to get anybody to take time seriously! Also today I couldn't do my Data management Homework at lunch like I usually do, because mom was trying out some for the first time, online shopping! Learn it when you don't have mid-terms coming up, and when you're not sick! That's it, I'm going now to finish my lab and Data management.

Friday, February 21, 2003

Hey, what gives! I can't see my own blog page! Oh well, I' make a post and see what happens. It's been another short week, and I'm now piled over with presentations and projects. I have an English project to do on the play Death of a Salesman, a bio project on bugs and superbugs. And I have to get part 1 of 8 of my stats project done. other than that i'm just fine. we got a budget rolling along for robotics, and progress is being made. not much to say except that I'll be busy the next couple of days. from Saturday morning onwards. That's all a short one today, I may edit this later when I can say more.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Current Song: Dearest by Ayumi Hamasaki
Current Status Revived, reassured, and fullfilled by you Sakura

Well, nothing much happened this week, just go to school, learn some stuff, and that's the bulk of the week. Hmmm, seems I woke up too late today, because 1 min when I woke up, I see my brother playing in the computer room, the next minute after brushing my teeth, everyone's gone. Oh well, that's all right, I can do this, and I can do my homework. I found a way to evade my mom from letting her know I still visit OASK, and AL, and Dreams Within (So sorry Yuuhi for not mentioning your board in the last entry). She actually doesn't enforce her disipline, with action, but she does nag at me a lot about it. I also kind of merely renamed all the contacts on MSN to the other contacts category, so I can still see them, and I categorised all the ones who were my classmates, and dumped in that category to Acquaintance. I have Sakura in Acquaintance too in case my mom DOES find out, and she orders me to delete that section. I've even got everything on a backup, stored secretly and safely away in my room.

Valentines day and the night before Valentines was horrible. The night before I did some homework on Matrix inversion. It reminded me of last year with my previous crush. It was probably more than a crush, and we probably were boyfriend and girlfriend, but never officially. Valentines day was the day she switched her schedule to be in my class. It also reminded me of what happened at the end of the semester. At the end of the semester, she tried to steal my source code, but I retaliated and destroyed the relationship. She still hates me for that, and I still respect her much more highly than most people around me. Then it dawned on me why was I thinking about her, that was the past. Ahhh, I do have a person in my life who is like Kikyo. On Valentines day, I spent the day reflecting on that, and I tried to get my mind off of that, with robot schematics and homework. It didn't work, and I was unsure of whether after telling Sakura she would still love me. I went online, stayed online and defended my position from everyone else in the family from getting here. When she got online, I told her this, and she still loves me. I'm so relieved to have heard her say that, and I will always love you Sakura.

The night of Valentines, I spent shooting a couple of bad guys in Armored Core (Ya, something that you wouldn't expect a guy in love to do on such a night), but what else can I do to keep my cover up from both parents. Anyways, when I went to sleep, my 2nd blanket is kind of formed into a person of about 5' 4" (Sakura), and I just cuddled it, and fell asleep in the next second or minute. I woke up at 6:30AM this morning, but I was still groggy. I held the person blanket again, and fell asleep the same. The thought of being with you Sakura is so comforting, that I would never want to leave your side.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Current Song:None
Current Status:Destroyed.

Today I went to my doctors appointment. I had 2 scans, bloodwork, and a follow-up appointment in a day. Lots of walking, lots of changing, lots of waiting. I achieved some homework done, and I shame myself for not reading a question properly. I have a bit of damage to my kidney, and so my meds will stay the same. Nothing new there besides the extra scans.

I told my mom about my Internet girlfriend during lunch, and it's just horrible. What are the statistics that 99% of people are liars out there? I'll be offline from chats with OASK, and AL, and MSN. I love my girlfriend , but I can not convince my parents that she is truly who she is. My parents are still under the impression that the internet is 100% for the bad guys. If that's so, we should stop using KazaA. I hope I can see my girlfriend 1 day in real life, and show how wrong my parents are. Until then, I return to my shell of despair, and isolation.

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Current Song: My Will by Matsumuro Mai
Current Status:Sleepy, worried, bored, and missing you so much Sakura.

Kong Hei Fa Choy! Happy New Year of the Sheep! I celebrated Chinese New Year with family, and we had tons of fun. The whole family gathered at one of our Uncle's house. We met our cousin's girlfriend, and she's nice. I took footage of the family, our cousin's magic tricks, and the whole family greeting the New year. It also filmed the very funny event of my uncle trying take a picture, and us saying cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. I'm also in the video because I was using the remote to control the camera!

However, while I was chatting with my cousins, and they asked me if I had a girlfriend, my sister inadvertently answered for me and said I had none. I couldn't correct her, or I would have a terrible start to the new year. We spent most of the time, eating those addictive buffalo wings that my uncle made, curry, shi-tak mushrooms (not sure if that's how its spelt), and lots of other food. I still thought of my girlfriend throughout the time I was there. We watched action parts of action movies, and forgot about the stories behind them (hahaha).

I did upgrade the computer on Thursday, and I got everything to work! WAHOO, I'm converting movies super fast now, and I can probably get that video of family up on the net. It's also been attracting more attention to the computer than I wanted. I've been converting episodes of Macross first, and then I'll do Inuyasha when I can get enough CDs to burn them all.

When Sunday came around, I was hoping to come online to find my girlfriend, but I couldn't go online all day because I had my family looking in on what I was doing, and so I went into my gaming mode, and shot a few TIEs out of space. I left the computer after finishing the mission, and then I couldn't come online for atleast another 9 hours! I did accomplish a lot in those 9 hours though. I finished the drawing, for this site, and it will come up when I get my hands on my sister's scanner next week! I miss you so much Sakura, and I love you with all my heart, and for all of eternity.

I start my 2nd semester tomorrow, and my first period is Math *sigh*. Why can't I have math in 2nd or 4th period when I'm awake, and not when I'm asleep. I then have another 2.5hr lunch for me to do my homework. English again *nooo*, and Bio12 *yippee*.