Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The place Feminism doesn't care to defend.

I didn't even realize how fast 2 and a half years goes by now.  As I get older, time flies faster, but I also see myself move slower.  

I'm back here, mainly because I don't feel comfortable expressing something racking at my mind constantly.  It's related to feminism, but I do not wish to garner the emotional pain and hate of the topic that so frequently comes with it.  

The auto industry is 99% Men.  It's an age old industry that doesn't like change, and most certainly doesn't like to change its ideas about women.  The impression being that they are not suited for the dirty hazardous environment that is the plant.  So they get relegated to the office be it higher or lower up the chain of command usually higher until they reach the hobbit sized ceiling of TRUE engineers (ones with P.Eng and B.Eng).  I don't count as one because I have neither of those deisgnations.

So in a sense this is a good thing because they get environmentally better positions than men.  

However, it's also a bad thing because now you segregate an entire class of people based on discrimination and stereotype.  It brings a boys only society, which in turn reinforces gender disparity.

Now this boys only society has only 2 "classes" that separate them.  The single, or The married.  The single are open about their objectification and misogynism with women. There is no consequence to viewing women this way because there are none to be offended.  They'll pop on tinder, try to have sex with as many as they can at the same time, and get away with it because they'll get dumped, but there was no emotional attachment to begin with.  

Then there are the married.  Who will go as far as checking out women, and talking about their bodies.  A visual only objectification, but they will also partake in the jokes and impressions from the singles class.  Enabling them more than anything.  

My mind is confused because the media is literally blasting the topic of equality for women. To not sexually harass women visually.  To not objectify them and treat them as human beings. So why is it so strong here and nobody literally cares about this problem?

I think I know why and I'll bring it up here:

We'll go with perhaps the biggest topic in feminism at the moment.  The gender disparity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine (STEM).  This is a problem.  It's well stated, and it's well documented about the harassment and discrimination of women in the following:  

CEOs, Business people, Labs, Research, Programmers, Engineers, Doctors, lawyers, etc. 

However, what about the following?

Garbage collectors, Tech Manufacturing line workers, Burger flippers, Sewer cleaners, Strip miners, Construction workers, etc.

This spot known as the lower class hasn't changed, and it would appear that people don't want it to change.  However, if you think about it, the lower class feeds into the upper classes.  The son of a Construction worker, will have enough money to go to college, get a better job than his dad, but be raised on the patriarchal norms of the lower class.  Thus bleeding it upward into society depending on how far the kid goes.  Which brings back the same old issue of patriarchal societal norm we've been fighting for a century now.  

It can work for the daughter of a construction worker too.  The daughter will be raised to stay away from the dirty, heavy, and terrible work that is the lower class, and seek out the better work, but she will run into the same issue that has brought up the feminist movement to begin with.  She will run into a guy that was raised from the same poor class, but she will be stopped short.  This is because the boy believes in the same separation of genders based on his preconceived notion of her lesser physical strength credentials, and the preconceived notion that women use sexual beauty as a way of bypassing normal evaluation (brought upon from objectification). 


If you look closely, ALL of the above is merely an analysis of a problem being stated.  


Well there kind of is, but it's one that NOBODY wants to do.  It means putting men and women in equal basis in ALL sectors of BAD AND GOOD.  Well that's not going to happen because both men and women don't want the bad.  However, men will do the dirty because there is a culturally taught sense of male dominance in doing something that nobody else will.  Women don't have that type of appreciation from society.  

Now that's the work environment, what about the social environment?

Warning:  This is just for myself to kind of vent, rant, and lay out the problem I'm having.  You many disregard below because part of this is due to my inability to be social in the first place.  

Since I find myself stuck in the boys club setting. I'm suppose to assimilate into them.  However, I can't, and it's because I know in my head, that it merely perpetuates this problem humanity that I am so desperately trying to solve by eliminating the lower class (with robots).  

Let's start with me:  
I'm far from the most handsome, mildly overweight.  I'm not witty (more sarcastic), and I'm very far from humourous.  I'm shy, and my scope of hobbies and interests is very narrow and I am not really adventurous in stepping into new topics.  

Let's start with the right things to do:

Do not objectify a woman.
Do not harass a woman.
When a woman says no, they mean no.

So under those conditions the following are basically out the question in a man's "woo-ing" arsenal:

1)The main icebreaker:
Don't talk about her looks, even if she is pretty. So you have to find something else to talk about.  The weather, the drink, her car (stalker alert), find something that comes up that isn't under the topic of physical looks and fashion to someone you totally don't know, and somehow not set-off the creeper/stalker alert.  

2) Ask if you can sit next to her to talk:
Sitting next to her may not get you the creeper alert, but asking to talk just about always does.  Great, harassment warning.

3) She just said no.  
So where do you go?  Basically away and if you try to come back, you're breaking the no means no rule, which then translate to harassment.  

It's understandable to have those defenses to keep more malicious men out.  Now let's take this into account with me.  

Not the perfect physique = discomfort of being near an attractive woman.
No wit or humour = no method to keep a woman's attention, nor even acquire it.
COMPLETELY NOT NORMAL scope of interests = no commonalities to jump on to for conversation.

Here in lies the problem with me.  

I love my quirky hobbies:
Circuit Racing
Computers/Electronics (pretty much anything electronic).
A pretty narrow band of music selections.

ZERO of those are common.

So what am I suppose to do?  Assimilate so that I can score?  

Should I change?  Why should I change?  What improvement do I get from it for myself, and not for the end goals of acquisition with society.  

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Capitalizing on the disorganized

So I was checking the mail last week, and I get my usual health magazine from the insurance company. The front cover is plastered with the following quote "Easy recipes to keep your kids healthy on a busy schedule!"

It initially sounds like a good thing. Fast, easy, achieves a goal. 

However, look at a few other detrimental messages it promotes. It promotes the "I want it fast, and I want it NOW!" mentality so common here in America.

It promotes a laziness by doing the easy method vs taking quality time to make something good and worthwhile.

Being too busy for your kids is a sign of bad time management. Additionally, why would any parent ever think of such an idea as being too busy for your kid?

This is just 1 example of what I have been observing throughout many articles of a recovering America.

I am also in a front row seat for this because I live in Michigan an hour away from bankrupt Detroit!

So the country grows ever more debts, and even continually lends itself more money to maintain macro-economic flow.  A lot of youtubers I see who complain about the constant spending do not seem to realize the fact that they can still rant and youtube because there is money flowing to keep their service running and food on their table at a reasonable price.

Anyways, I have let this rant go on for too long. Next time there will be something good to look forward to.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Future articles I am working on.

August has the following lined up for me:  I am finalizing a 6-month project, preparing a major move for my sister, moving out myself to a new place, AND cleaning up the family estate.   All in the span of 1 month.

I do have articles stored here that are waiting to be finished.  Here is a list of articles inbound, but they will be coming out slowly

Google Science Fair and how sad it will be to see very little or no impact from these people down the road.

Custom manufacturing via CNC and 3-D printing.What you REALLY should do to change the World Economic System with these technologies.

The headaches of providing feedback to budding writers