Thursday, November 07, 2013

Capitalizing on the disorganized

So I was checking the mail last week, and I get my usual health magazine from the insurance company. The front cover is plastered with the following quote "Easy recipes to keep your kids healthy on a busy schedule!"

It initially sounds like a good thing. Fast, easy, achieves a goal. 

However, look at a few other detrimental messages it promotes. It promotes the "I want it fast, and I want it NOW!" mentality so common here in America.

It promotes a laziness by doing the easy method vs taking quality time to make something good and worthwhile.

Being too busy for your kids is a sign of bad time management. Additionally, why would any parent ever think of such an idea as being too busy for your kid?

This is just 1 example of what I have been observing throughout many articles of a recovering America.

I am also in a front row seat for this because I live in Michigan an hour away from bankrupt Detroit!

So the country grows ever more debts, and even continually lends itself more money to maintain macro-economic flow.  A lot of youtubers I see who complain about the constant spending do not seem to realize the fact that they can still rant and youtube because there is money flowing to keep their service running and food on their table at a reasonable price.

Anyways, I have let this rant go on for too long. Next time there will be something good to look forward to.

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