Sunday, July 27, 2003

Now here's what happened on Friday. I wake up, turn on the compy, and internet is down!!!! *cuuuurssses* Anyways, I start up the DVD-burning, and went to go do chores, and math. I did all that, and came back to check on the internet connection and the burning process. Yay, internet's back!!! *flies back online* I surf the boards, and chat with Kero and Fae. I am then bombed by my little brother whining for lunch *no cuuursses here ^___^* I go make lunch, and watch some TV while I'm eating.

I tell my brother to be good, and I put lots of trust into him that he can take care of himself for 60 minutes. I go off to the local comic bookstore on my hybrid mountain/racing bike. I get there in 20 minutes without even breaking a sweat(10km). I also noticed that when I went out, there was such a beautiful breeze to keep me cool, and the day still bright and shining. I bought the 2nd volume of Samurai Girl Real-bout High School (rich snob I am), and then raced over and uphill to the local video rental store in the same amount of time. Once again, there was the beautiful breeze, and to accompany me. I get to the store, and rent what my friends planned to watch (Animatrix), and I also rented Neon Genesis Evangelion. Okay, so I'm way behind on anime updates, but that's because I didn't have the money and time to watch the stuff during the school year.

I start riding home, and I just happen to leave the store when school ends, so there are masses of students blocking my way!!! Well this is a nice place to live so people are courteous to make an opening for me to pass through the crowds. I get home, do the usual cleaning and shower. I may have not broke a sweat, but who knows, maybe I just didnt' notice (I wouldn't want to find out the hard way that I smell). I do about 30min of math, then I go downstairs to see what I can do to clean the house. I end up watching Transformers Armada with my little brother ^^;;

AHHHHHHH!!! I can't believe a weirdo dream came true!!!!! Anyways if you go to my dream's blog, you can read the dream there. It's around 5:00PM, and my friend comes by to start the tutorial. Well he's always on time, now we just have to wait for everyone else to arrive. So he plays a bit on my piano, shows me where to download FF sheet music, and I try out Aeris Theme (bleh, I'm too slow). Anyways, 40 minute passes by, so I'm wondering why nobody has shown up. Atleast somebody should have shown up or called. So I call all the other people, and 1 of them she thought it was at 6:30PM!!! *cuuurrrssses (the bad communication)* Another found out they couldn't come the (probably because her parents suspect that she's going on a date with me) *cuuurrrssses (gossip)*. I call Lirad, and he's going to be here at 7:00PM!!! Well atleast he told me yesterday that he'd be late, but not that late! Anyways, the one to arrive at 6:30PM (NT) is punctual, and the 3 of us start our studies on Geometry. Showing off artwork, piano skills, and our masses of math textbooks ^^;;;;; Note taking, and then NT starts complaining that Lirad hasn't shown up. She's really bitter and angry about it too. So we continue our studies, and then he shows up 40 minutes later than what he said he would be. She really is furious at him, but she shows it by givin him the silent treatment.

Anyways, It's time for dinner, and I panic that there's not enough food because Mom didn't make enough to feed the family and the 2 guests I have that didn't eat their dinner before coming. Well I suggest that my parents go out to eat. Yay, they agree, and now there's too much food -_- Anyways, we watch Animatrix, and when we finish, NanTing wants to watch Ranma 2nd movie (too lazy to give real title) since it was just sitting around, and she's a little of a Ranma fan. We watch that too, and have a laugh. Meantime, I'm serving pastries and doughnuts. They are reluctant to take them though since they feel they're mooching (leeching) off of me. I don't mind giving the food, and hosting the tutorials. After the movie Lirad had to go, but the rest of us played Bomberman World for 3 rounds. Now it's time for everyone to go since it's late (12:00AM). So my friend that came on time can go home on his own (guys can walk alone), and I have to escort NT home (even though it's only 5 minutes to her house, and she is stubborn to try and leave on her own). I don't even have shoes on, or my keys, and she's almost at the door!!! So I just grab a pair of slippers, and join her on the walk home. Anyways, nothing big happens to me anyways, and she's just a friend, nothing more!!! We discuss our opinions about Animatrix, and talk a little about what to do for the next tutorial (host somewhere else).

I start walking home, and for the first time in my life, I see the stars, not behind a window, not under a shelter, not behind a screen, but just the stars and I. I walk slowly, as to look at 3 stars that are particularly bright. 1 to the West, another to the North, and a 3rd to the South. I stop at my house one more time, and look at them, how far and high they are. I guess I'm another one of those people that really wished I could bring something to see them better and closer instead of from the ground. Anyways, I got home, and went to sleep after that. Saturday has nothing special because it's all the usual. However, I did get my parents out of the house for the night and I'm posting here. I saw a certain OL person that I thought I had gotten my crush died. Instead it just pierces through it's coffin, and returns to pound at my heart and yell for me to do something (Okay it's waay out in the open now). That's all, I'm currently having a few problems with the Admins of AL, as apparently they linked their mp3 site hub with their admins. Geez, why did they have to connect them, they couldn't make a separate mp3 webring? Oh well, I'm tired, and my heart has seized his pounding. I'll be around on Monday.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Wow, it's only been 3 days since I was last hear, and yet it seems like an eternity. No game installations, I've just been here at the computer talking with lots of people Online, playing around. I passed the training session, but only after I turned on invincibility @_@ I must be rusty. Anyways, AL came back up shortly after I said "Mass Exodus" from AL back to OASK and I giving up on trying to revive the place. So now that they're back up, I just stopped by to take a look, post my opinions, and then BACK to OASK for posting craze (So much to talk about in OASK)!!! I'm still kicking Cardassians back to where they came from, and I was even rewarded a new supply of quantum torpedoes (yay, I don't need to refrain from using them on the weird unknown species).

I haven't practised much on the piano recently because I'm here, at my desk working on MATH (EEEEEE!!!!), or reading Samurai Girl Real Bout High School (It's not Hentai Kero!!! As much as he wished it to be ROFL!!!!). Although in the past 4 days, I did find out that my 2 IRL crushes has been knocked down to 1. This is because I found out on one of the girl's (Stephanie's) blogs that her parents were suspecting that she liked me or the other way around which was true for a little bit of the time. However, my feelings were mere reactions to the signals I was getting from body language. Anyways, it explicitly says in her blog that she likes someone else. I'm happy to find that out, and I should clear some stuff up too. Now I wish I could be able to speak to her friend who I have a REAL crush on (mind starts to just float away when I see her in the picture I took of her). Also I was stupid enough to write her phone number down on Stephanie's rough copy essay that she took home, and not in my binder when Lirad was passing on her phone number. Her name is

N1=|- -|
|400, 145|
|356, 134|
|- -|
N2=|- -|
|10, 0|
|08, 0|
|- -|

The key to the matrix encrypted code is my name:
K1=|- -| |- -|
|J O| = |10 15|
|H N| = |08 14|
|- -| |- -|

IF you know how to do matrix operations, then this should be pretty easy.
Just invert my name matrix (the numbered one), and multiply it with the 2 encrypted matrices above it as in K1 invert times N1, and K1 invert times N2. Each element number that is there should be a number between 1-26. A is 1, and Z is 26, so the number you get is the letter. The letters should spell a name and the pattern for the positioning of the letters is the same way my name is spelt. JO (next line) HN (new matrx) CH (next line)UI if the encoded messages were my name (but its not). If you can't figure it out, try and catch me online. "What about Mist?" Kero would say, and I'd reply that he is trying to make my life a living Ranma graphic novel (without the water transforming). I don't have a crush on Mist, as I'm just getting to know her, so I still don't know her well enough to say anything. Now, there is the OL crush I think I'm losing too from my last entry. Why is that? Probably because I haven't seen her in the past week, but she's busy with school which is understandable. Is that good or is that bad? I would still like Jerpy and Kerpy to keep their mouths sealed (with ductape if it is needed) on this matter though. Now should I try and communicate with her? or not? Hmmm. Nah, I'm going to be Hamlet like and do nothing ^_^

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Currently Listening to: "Feel My Heart" by Every Little Thing, AND "First Love (Piano)" by Utada Hikaru, AND PLAYING "True True" from Love Generation on my piano.

Well it's been a week since I was here. Now let's see, more games installed, some chatting, Mr. Anonymous at Ris and Jero's places got messed around with *hee hee*. The entire AL has been shut down, and now there's a "mass exodus" from AL back to OASK. Aww, and I was starting to revive AL from its burned (flamed) pieces too. Oh well, since I can't do that, I guess I'll stop going there *shrugs shoulders*

Let's see, I installed X-wing alliance, and i'm getting my @$$ whooped in the training session because the dinky y-wing doesn't got crap for shields and even less for speed. In Bridge commander, I'm doing the @$$ whooping ^^;; turning cardassians to space dust with only photo torpedoes (not even quantums yet).

Do some work, go to hospital for appointment, had to fast the night before, and therefore my stomach was embarrassingly loud in the quiet hospital. Afterward from my appointment, I went to the apartment to play games, some toys, listen to music, and buy stuff (DexDrive, and another controller for my psx)!!! But before the family left the apartment to come back up to the house, I took a few pictures of sunset in Toronto. It's sooo beautiful, If I got the right exposure times (5 seconds for sunset? Anybody with Camera knowledge please help me with this?!).

Thursday I spent starting to program my own version of Missle Commander after I got my Java compiler back up and running. Friday was spent playing around, getting ready for the night's tutorial for stats and calculus. I also downloaded a couple of sheet music songs for Zelda, Utada Hikaru, and Love Generation's True True (been looking for this one for quite a while). We covered the work, then everyone went to watch Princess Mononoke after the tutorial, and eat dinner (pizza again ^_^;;).

Now I'm just whacking Kero for trying to match me up with every single gal that I talk to on MSN, or say something about on the boards ^^;; He should see the clue here, and then HE SHOULD STAY QUIET!!! AND ANYBODY ELSE THAT FINDS OUT SHOULD STAY QUIET TOO!!!! Unless it's the gal that I have a crush on that finds out, then please reply via a private channel (e-mail). That's all have fun everyone!

Saturday, July 12, 2003

I've done most of my upgrades for the computer except for the stupid RAM upgrade because after i plug the stick in properly, my video card goes screwy. DVD-burner inside, adobe photoshop in computer, printer drivers installed. 1 of my space combat sims installed, and that's it. House has a new TV, but we still only use 1 of them (the new one of course). Oh, and there's office 2000 and Visio for our computer YAY (People now think John is weird)!!!!!

Looking at blogs: Sees the wars gathering their steam, goes to the twins to see how they're doing in school, EMOTICONS!!! And they're soooooo cute!!!! Yah, Joanne's blog is blue, cute, and very attractive to just pop in and stare, drool at the background and avatar.

JULY 11, JULY 11, 7/11, 7/11 BEWARE OF THE 11 PHENOMENON!!!!
WAHOO, and AHHHHH at the same time, on the same day!!!!!!
First up, I wake up handle the morning routine, and go online. Aphy shows a cute stuffed doll on ebay, and I myself go on an ebay finding craze looking for at macross stuff. That was fun. Online bad stuff, enough said, MOVING ON and out of harms way. Play games, do some math, go out to rent a movie!!! Yay, I rented The Pianist (Okay, so all my friends and I have taken private piano lessons for atleast 2 years). I got everybody to come to!!! So we all gathered in front of the tiny 20in TV, turned on the stereo, pumped up the volume to the max, and watched the movie. We stopped halfway through when the pizza, wings and garlic sticks came. Wow, a tasty meal that feeds about 5 friends for only 30$!!! We continued to watch the movie, while parents ate in the living room, and talked to sis over the phone (that hasn't happened in 2 weeks). We finished the movie at 10:30PM, and everybody ran to my piano (Japanese made Yamaha, they don't make them in Japan after like 1995 or something because they relocated to Canton). 1 of my friends played her exam music, and some of her other favourites. She really does fast paced, quick noted pieces very well. I'm the other side, with soft, slow, and very relaxing (NOT BORING!) pieces. Anyways, we played for about an hour, and it everybody had to leave. I forgot to use common courtesy of walking my friend (girl that played piano on this day) home at 11:30PM at night (because we are just friends, and I thought doing such a service would have different implications as to how friendly I am). I curse myself for not doing so. Afterwards, I had an hour long argument and discussion about what I want to do in life with my mom. I have great ambitions, but not the abilities to achieve them. So what should I do, forget about them? "No, just think realistically" my mom says. Also I find out indirectly that my dad thinks I need better planning, although I think I managed pretty well since we all enjoyed ourselves. I just wish people were more decisive, and everybody (including myself) needs to communicate better (that's what cell phones, e-mails, IMs, are for). Overall, I think it was a pretty good day for me ^__^

To recap:
Good emphasized stuff: Movie, games, macross findings, and food
Bad emphasized stuff: OL wars have begun, lost direction in life again, bad communcation with dad, and not escorting friend home (which goes against common courtesy).

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Yippee, I modfied my blog layout on my own. I now know how to use the basic functions of frames (thanks to staring at Roman's and Joanne's blog code for about 6 hours), and I acknowledge that I stole some code (the scroll ability for the entries in the blog) and formatting from Joanne (Although it seems most of the world has a picture on the right side of the screen).

Okay, I'm making an entry that is a bit more frequent. Some of these entries are just comments about blogs of other people, comments and other things because I'm cluttering everybody's tag-board up way too much. If you want, you can delete the tag-boards stuff by logging into your tag-boards, going to posts, check-marking the messages, and clicking delete. Anyways on to the comments:

Roman's blog, is starting to look like the school blogs of everybody on that side of the world. Also, the practical exams already for him? He only started school like about 2 weeks ago. Wow that's intense studying to do well like that.

Allison's back, and wow I read that whole entry in 5 minutes!!! Yay, I'm learning to speed read a little, and I'm now quite scared of the Clowmistress' firing ability with a mouse. I 'm only at the lower half ranks of shooters out there. But be careful in a dogfight, where the crosshair is fixed, the only direction you can go is forward-up, forward-down, forward-left, forward-right, and no reverse, no jumping, and definitely NO STRAFING!!!Also don't forget I always give big pills of meds (homing missles) at point-blank range (in other words, 0% chance of avoidance).

Into Fangli's and Joanne's blog, one can find 2 opinions on the course that are strikingly the same, but then I can see the difference in personality between the two. Fangli's entry is going to take the time to relax for a day, and then stress over the next week or so. Joanne's hasn't stopped that peak study mode yet, and it doesn't look like it will stop (which is fine too, just get enough sleep, eat lots and lots of carbohydrates and sugars, and you can probably last out the whole semester^^;;). BTW, I wonder what type of camera Joanne has (full manual? camera older than user like me? lots more specifications too), because Fangli talked about under-exposed pics on film (so atleast I know its a regular SLR camera and not APS or pure digital). I usually only get that problem if I don't have my camera flash to brighten everything (and blind the subject), or when i'm taking night scenic pictures and I only left the shutter open for 5 minutes when it should have been 10 minutes (I have a manual shutter capability which allows me to do that). Everybody will get to see one of my pictures of spectacular Toronto at night when I get a scanner.

Jalana going off to AX, WAH nothing like that here! I wish there was a more outspoken anime community here.

Reading Kero's blog, I wonder what problems is he talking about? Also whatever he does to make his blog difficult to read, it won't work, unless he infects it with a virus. Then I can't read it.

Ris is having a fun time, with her PH powers, and torturing Jero with a shoe on his head, and saying if he lets the shoe fall off he dies. So I being the evil villain playfully try to push it off his head (poke shoe, trip Jero, cut his hair, slice his hair, sand off his hair, and the shoe). Ends up I become the hero, because the shoe was suppose to be in 1 piece, and now it turned into a few billion ^^;; That was fun.

So as you can see, I go through the blogs by first going to my own, clicking on Roman's first, then opening all those in separate windows, and lah, no lag because of CABLE internet!!!

Monday, July 07, 2003

It's Christmas in July for me ^_^
I've got all 3 theatres of WWII finally for Combat Flight Sims (Combat Flight Simulator 1 and 3 is the European front, IL-2 Sturmovik is the Russian front, and Combat Flight Simulator 2 is the Pacific Theatre)
I got 2 new PSX1 games (FFTactics, and MotoRacer 2)
Lots of computer upgrades, and a new mp3 CD player. Just missing a scanner and a monitor now.

A few weird dreams, and I still have all that stuff to do from the last entry.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

WAHOO!!!!! In less than a week of summer vacation, and I'm already #1 and most of #2 of my summer plans!!!! Currently trying to communicate with my IRL friends over ICQ (turn on your ICQ!!!!). I took a trip with my family to Niagra falls, and for the weekend. I haven't been there in 14 years!!!!!! Also the place is beautiful, and I got pics (need to be developed), and camera footage (not coming to a webpage near you). On Friday, my friends and I watch Charlie's Angel's Full Throttle, and Darkness Falls afterwards. Wahaha, I'm having sooo much fun right now for the holidays, that I better open a book before I go overboard!!!Anyways, now to re-make that list of things to do:
#1 Fix old computer (1 day)
#2 Finish Math textbook (14 chapters, 2 done during the year, do half chapter each day, and I should be done fairly quickly)
#3 Study courses for next semester (currently being organised)
#4 My models (USS Nimitz, and a bunch of German WWII planes)
#5 FIND MONEY (although a gal is more important)
#6 ROBO ROBO ROBO (make one, and organise a competition)