Saturday, July 19, 2003

Currently Listening to: "Feel My Heart" by Every Little Thing, AND "First Love (Piano)" by Utada Hikaru, AND PLAYING "True True" from Love Generation on my piano.

Well it's been a week since I was here. Now let's see, more games installed, some chatting, Mr. Anonymous at Ris and Jero's places got messed around with *hee hee*. The entire AL has been shut down, and now there's a "mass exodus" from AL back to OASK. Aww, and I was starting to revive AL from its burned (flamed) pieces too. Oh well, since I can't do that, I guess I'll stop going there *shrugs shoulders*

Let's see, I installed X-wing alliance, and i'm getting my @$$ whooped in the training session because the dinky y-wing doesn't got crap for shields and even less for speed. In Bridge commander, I'm doing the @$$ whooping ^^;; turning cardassians to space dust with only photo torpedoes (not even quantums yet).

Do some work, go to hospital for appointment, had to fast the night before, and therefore my stomach was embarrassingly loud in the quiet hospital. Afterward from my appointment, I went to the apartment to play games, some toys, listen to music, and buy stuff (DexDrive, and another controller for my psx)!!! But before the family left the apartment to come back up to the house, I took a few pictures of sunset in Toronto. It's sooo beautiful, If I got the right exposure times (5 seconds for sunset? Anybody with Camera knowledge please help me with this?!).

Thursday I spent starting to program my own version of Missle Commander after I got my Java compiler back up and running. Friday was spent playing around, getting ready for the night's tutorial for stats and calculus. I also downloaded a couple of sheet music songs for Zelda, Utada Hikaru, and Love Generation's True True (been looking for this one for quite a while). We covered the work, then everyone went to watch Princess Mononoke after the tutorial, and eat dinner (pizza again ^_^;;).

Now I'm just whacking Kero for trying to match me up with every single gal that I talk to on MSN, or say something about on the boards ^^;; He should see the clue here, and then HE SHOULD STAY QUIET!!! AND ANYBODY ELSE THAT FINDS OUT SHOULD STAY QUIET TOO!!!! Unless it's the gal that I have a crush on that finds out, then please reply via a private channel (e-mail). That's all have fun everyone!

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