Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Wow, it's only been 3 days since I was last hear, and yet it seems like an eternity. No game installations, I've just been here at the computer talking with lots of people Online, playing around. I passed the training session, but only after I turned on invincibility @_@ I must be rusty. Anyways, AL came back up shortly after I said "Mass Exodus" from AL back to OASK and I giving up on trying to revive the place. So now that they're back up, I just stopped by to take a look, post my opinions, and then BACK to OASK for posting craze (So much to talk about in OASK)!!! I'm still kicking Cardassians back to where they came from, and I was even rewarded a new supply of quantum torpedoes (yay, I don't need to refrain from using them on the weird unknown species).

I haven't practised much on the piano recently because I'm here, at my desk working on MATH (EEEEEE!!!!), or reading Samurai Girl Real Bout High School (It's not Hentai Kero!!! As much as he wished it to be ROFL!!!!). Although in the past 4 days, I did find out that my 2 IRL crushes has been knocked down to 1. This is because I found out on one of the girl's (Stephanie's) blogs that her parents were suspecting that she liked me or the other way around which was true for a little bit of the time. However, my feelings were mere reactions to the signals I was getting from body language. Anyways, it explicitly says in her blog that she likes someone else. I'm happy to find that out, and I should clear some stuff up too. Now I wish I could be able to speak to her friend who I have a REAL crush on (mind starts to just float away when I see her in the picture I took of her). Also I was stupid enough to write her phone number down on Stephanie's rough copy essay that she took home, and not in my binder when Lirad was passing on her phone number. Her name is

N1=|- -|
|400, 145|
|356, 134|
|- -|
N2=|- -|
|10, 0|
|08, 0|
|- -|

The key to the matrix encrypted code is my name:
K1=|- -| |- -|
|J O| = |10 15|
|H N| = |08 14|
|- -| |- -|

IF you know how to do matrix operations, then this should be pretty easy.
Just invert my name matrix (the numbered one), and multiply it with the 2 encrypted matrices above it as in K1 invert times N1, and K1 invert times N2. Each element number that is there should be a number between 1-26. A is 1, and Z is 26, so the number you get is the letter. The letters should spell a name and the pattern for the positioning of the letters is the same way my name is spelt. JO (next line) HN (new matrx) CH (next line)UI if the encoded messages were my name (but its not). If you can't figure it out, try and catch me online. "What about Mist?" Kero would say, and I'd reply that he is trying to make my life a living Ranma graphic novel (without the water transforming). I don't have a crush on Mist, as I'm just getting to know her, so I still don't know her well enough to say anything. Now, there is the OL crush I think I'm losing too from my last entry. Why is that? Probably because I haven't seen her in the past week, but she's busy with school which is understandable. Is that good or is that bad? I would still like Jerpy and Kerpy to keep their mouths sealed (with ductape if it is needed) on this matter though. Now should I try and communicate with her? or not? Hmmm. Nah, I'm going to be Hamlet like and do nothing ^_^

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