Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Into Fangli's and Joanne's blog, one can find 2 opinions on the course that are strikingly the same, but then I can see the difference in personality between the two. Fangli's entry is going to take the time to relax for a day, and then stress over the next week or so. Joanne's hasn't stopped that peak study mode yet, and it doesn't look like it will stop (which is fine too, just get enough sleep, eat lots and lots of carbohydrates and sugars, and you can probably last out the whole semester^^;;). BTW, I wonder what type of camera Joanne has (full manual? camera older than user like me? lots more specifications too), because Fangli talked about under-exposed pics on film (so atleast I know its a regular SLR camera and not APS or pure digital). I usually only get that problem if I don't have my camera flash to brighten everything (and blind the subject), or when i'm taking night scenic pictures and I only left the shutter open for 5 minutes when it should have been 10 minutes (I have a manual shutter capability which allows me to do that). Everybody will get to see one of my pictures of spectacular Toronto at night when I get a scanner.

Jalana going off to AX, WAH nothing like that here! I wish there was a more outspoken anime community here.

Reading Kero's blog, I wonder what problems is he talking about? Also whatever he does to make his blog difficult to read, it won't work, unless he infects it with a virus. Then I can't read it.

Ris is having a fun time, with her PH powers, and torturing Jero with a shoe on his head, and saying if he lets the shoe fall off he dies. So I being the evil villain playfully try to push it off his head (poke shoe, trip Jero, cut his hair, slice his hair, sand off his hair, and the shoe). Ends up I become the hero, because the shoe was suppose to be in 1 piece, and now it turned into a few billion ^^;; That was fun.

So as you can see, I go through the blogs by first going to my own, clicking on Roman's first, then opening all those in separate windows, and lah, no lag because of CABLE internet!!!

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