Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A year has gone by, and a lot has happened and changed since my last post.

I do road rage a lot now, even if I have time to spare/burn.  Everyone can thank Detroit for spoiling me with decent road conditions while I was there for a whole week. 

College is finally over, and my program coordinator did do his job.  I have a job too now! 

It's great to have a job, and I guess I understand a little more, the importance of job security.  Especially since my job has that underlying clause of "you can quit anytime, but that also means we can fire you anytime. "

I guess I would rant about the things that bug me as I have in most of the posts from before, but I don't really have a lot to complain about. 

I have a job, it pays very well.
Work itself is more stellar, than it is a pain. 

Game with friends
Airsoft occasionally when I can rally people once every 2 months (rage when they bail).
Fencing twice a week.
Wing Chun every saturday.
House maintenance every week somewhere in the week.

Although despite all this, I'm not quite exactly that chipper happy.  I am in that point of contentment where my stress level hasn't been this low in a long time.  It's borderline "lazy mode" stress levels. 

Right now just off the top of my head at 3:30AM I can say that I'm missing 2 things. 

My own personal sense of fulfillment, and someone to share that feeling with. 

That's all for now ... OH and 1 more thing!

I will post about my future endeavours when it arrives, or I have more concrete plans and equpment.  It'll be great, it'll be epic, and it'll still provide for me in the case of the "we can fire you anytime" part.