Tuesday, November 29, 2005

If I'm born to endure, will I ever find peace?

I put in an effort and it is GUARANTEED for naught.

So why do I continue to try?

Why do I try harder so I fall harder?

I thought I was better prepared, I felt better prepared, things looked better, but that was mere ignorance of reality...

Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm not athletic, so I'm not a jock....

I'm not smart, so I'm not a nerd....

I'm not artistic, so I'm not an artist...

I'm not musical, so I'm not a musician...

I'm not obsessed about anything, so I'm not an otaku....

I'm not good at games, so I'm not a gamer...

I'm not social, so I'm not a player...

What am I?...

I'm good at nothing, so I'm a loser.

Ironic my name is John since I really am a Jack of all trades, and master of none.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Wow this really is a long time since I last blogged here, almost 1/3 of a year. Anyways here's today

No electricity drives me from my apartment. Atleast the wind and exercise were good. In any case, I'm currently in the office sleeping over. There's a nice squishy 2-person sofa here to sleep on with lots of pillows which should be adequate in this forever lit room. Got my winter headband to block out the light when I sleep too.

Pretty much carried everything too, my medications, organic chem textbook and solution manual as well as my fencing gear (Doesn't matter whether it's rush hour or not, it's still a big thing that is inconvenient on the bus to carry), my playstation for boredom and 40$ to survive off for the next few days. Only thing I kind of forgot was my camping matress that I left under my bed.

Well that's all for now, maybe I'll be back home tomorrow, or sleep another so I don't have to wake up early.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Hmmmm this blog is really empty. Anybody even look in here anymore? Guess not. Well I don't update anymore or that much anyways. I haven't felt emotional about anything, nor has life been that much exciting. I wake up, eat, play games, go to classes, and out with friends every now and then.

That's about it. I'll pop back in and out every now and then to make sure it doesn't deactivate.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Wow how long has it been? Almost 2-3 months. Anything to say? Nope not much. My grades are fine, well borderline. I had fun seeing friends at Anime North convention. Events itself weren't that much fun. Visited high school at beginning of the month to wave hi and walk around. Physics in summer school is boooring.

This entry wasn't finished, but generally been playing games besides those 2 events. I don't even remember what I was going to say in this post anymore. Well Anime North was fun, spent waaay more than I should, and that was it.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Busy busy
Last week has been quite busy, as I shirked fencing last monday due to insomia the night before. Studied my ass off for the chem test, and all the events of the previous test occured except for the missing calculator. Then studied for Bio the rest of the week. Rescheduled an appt that was planned for the 17th, to a few weeks later. It's going to be quite busy the next 2 months with studying and doctor appointments. Although I've been going out a bit too lately. Went out to exchange defective N64 controller, and bought extras and more games yay! Saturday, went to do a fencing demo at 9:45AM to 10:30AM. Fenced for about 10 min of that time, but I won ^^ 7--6! Chatted with a friend, and then went to Finch station to meet up with my YAMA friends. We ventured to p-mall, and I haven't been there in a VERY long time. So I bought some burning supplies, prices of models hasn't changed, bought more games, and some anime ^^ (which seems to be getting cheaper). Had fun chatting with friends, and we tested out the list of songs for "Name that tune" event that's going to happen at an upcoming con. Went home, studied, and then fell asleep instantly in bed.

That's what has happened recently. Now to things I plan/need/want to do.

I have 2 coupons that give you a $4.00 discount on movie tickets at any Cineplex Odeon theatre that expire at the end of the month! I want to watch Constantine, or perhaps Onc bak, but going to a movie alone seems ... well ... very pathetic ... I could give them away, but when there are movies I want to see it kind of looks like a lost opportunity. I will head back to p-mall to get games that I asked for but they didn't have on hand. Also I'm going to badger one of the stores for a remote for my MD player. Despite it's uselessness now without a computer for the music. All the MDs that I have currently will be useful (especially the game music ones). Anyways, academically I need Bs! 1 C+ from Econ though I think is manageable, but I don't want to risk it. In addition there's chem. So freaking scared of chem grade. If it's a low C then I'm doomed T_T Sometimes I wish I wasn't an average B student, and I could afford a low grade. Atleast these are only half courses, and weigh half as much as full courses, BUT 2 Cs is still equal to a full course C >_< So I shall continue studying hard.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Note: This entry is REALLY long since it's from my LJ and is actually 2 entries. One is my resolution and goals for my life. The other is my "year in review"

Belated Happy New year, and enjoy the read.

I know I'm already a week behind, but oh well, I have 51 weeks to improve myself (Wow it now seems incredibly small).

First stating what needs to be done first:

#01: Procrastinate less.

#02: Play less video/computer games.

#03: Balance the amount of anime/TV I watch with academics OR reduce the amount I watch

If I can do those 3 things, then I can:

#04: Improve my health and fitness

#05: Improve my academics

#06: Have time for hobbies

#07: Improve my social capabilities (if I can catch up on trends that is -_-)

Now miscellaneous stuff that I'd like to accomplish:

#07: Improve my physical agility, speed, and strength given that Agility I value more than strength

    This can probably be accomplished along with improving health and fitness ^^
#08: I'd like to start building my robot walker now that I have all the parts.
    This has been on hold for a long time, and I still think I need to do more design sketches
#09: Attempt to start a Robotics club at University
    Assuming I have decent grades to handle 2nd year AND manage a club
#10: Learn to be independent
    In the works
#11: Get a girlfriend
    I don't need to get one this year, but by the end of my Bachelor's as I've observed from my sister that the number of people you interact with afterwards greatly dives. Plus I feel bad admitting that I'm hunting too >_<

Things I SHOULDN'T DO, but I want to:

#12: Build weapons and explosives

    This is just a crazy fun mindless task I want to do since I don't feel it fun infront of the screen on CS or Half-Life, or any other FPS

FAR OUT in the distant future:

Why would I have "Revolution?" in my title? Well in a sense I wish to change the way people think about healing. About medication, specifically, and about the fragility of humans. BASICALLY just like how Penicillin revolutionized healing in the WW2, I hope to do that with the SUPER-BUG illnesses. People will find out, eventually when I achieve it, or when I die from it.

Year in Review

All right I've been pushing this off for a few days now. That's because last time I tried doing this, the computer froze and restarted my computer. Thus I lost a huge entry. Grrrr. Anyways, I'll list by what's up with each month, and then probably later this month I'll edit again as to my goals.

January: First party out late night on new year's, stayed up until 4, nobody got drunk (because alcohol wasn't as hard as this year). Exams, assignments, I knew more than the physics teacher XD Calc teacher was ill, T_T we didn't learn anti-derivatives and trig derivatives. Lost all my strength of last year

February: New semester, new acquaintances, but OLD teachers ^^, I have a friend in Comp Sci, uncle's bad habit of rejecting veg when he was little has got him a really bad case of colon problems. Now all he could eat for most of the year was baby mush food!

March: Test cramming I recall, I've lost my Godly powers for Comp Sci, but gained stability in Discrete, International Business is fun in that it's easy, and the teacher doesn't make it TOO boring. Forgotten once.

April: Only 1 midterm, and I passed it YIPPEE! Comp sci was fun for a while, building destructive tanks ^^ KAMIKAZE ALL THE WAY! Lake Ontario is VERY COLD (D-boat water practises)! Still weak, never recovered from Winter break fattening.

May: SUPER BUSY! First charity event that I went to, lots of fun, I would have bidded on the golf clubs too if I knew how to golf back then XD Anime North <-- Much less stores than CNAnime, and much more cosplayers than CNAnime XD *remembers the 20 some odd Inu Yashas pile together*. Should have educated myself about YAMA though! Sushi with friends, met some new people too again. Prom, yay I didn't miss it this time, had to depend on others for a ride, which had me nervous for a while. But it turned out well. Everyone was very pretty. Assignments galore, and got a crush.

June: Buried feelings of a crush into the ground because I'm happy the way we're doing already. If things happen, it'll happen on its own, but right now I'm content with current circumstances. Exams, I avoided ALL of Discrete's traps and pitfalls, except for the big nuking exam. D-boat competition was great! Commencement was good, friends were happy as if it were like convocation or a wedding. I played along in the happiness, but I myself was not that happy. Glad that it's done and I'm out, but not overjoyed like my friends. Forgotten twice.

July: Whistler for a week, HK for 3 weeks! SHOP! That's all I need to do for this year, and be with relatives. Lots of fun, lots to eat, and I avoided tons of seafood traps and stuff. Meet British relatives for the first time! Yaay, lots of fun, bought some stuff for friends and shopped for myself. Good economy, means higher prices -_- HK is a much better place to shop when they're desparate for iddy biddy bits of cash.

August: I'm back! FREAKING FREEZING HERE! Okay, actually I readapted to my native country's weather while I was there. So coming back to Canada, I was freezing all the time. A few meetings here and there, fun end of year meet, and FROSH. Didn't attend any FROSH events, just academic stuff. Getting hyped up, about learning, getting ready for a really quick BLAST right into studying and fast paced learning. Learned the layout of which buildings to go to, and the independence of taking the 60 bus to York XD

Sept: GOOOOOOO! Runs a bit, looks behind him 2 weeks later, and falls flat on face ahead of everyone because everyone is still reviewing! Go to YAMA, and set it as home base for spare time. Much cheaper and more fun then killing loonies and quarters at Campus Cove. Wasted $100 on food in a week, NEED to save money. Fencing money, learning, and ...

Oct: KABOOM! In front of me, not under me, as I was fine for the first set of tests, the second set of tests (midterms) I wasn't too good with since I burned out in brain energy on the first set. Yay, YAMA people know me a bit.

Nov: MORE TESTS! CRAMMING! That's what this month is. 2 days of relief and that was it. Did worse this month than previous months because I'm burned out last set, so how do I do better if I haven't recovered -_- Starts learning the ways of YAMA people, villains, heros, and more ^^ Flying Fencing Floors! Friction is a wonderful thing sometimes. ... is over, as I had expected and probably consciously wanted because it was bothersome. Outz a lot on fridays.

Dec: Exams, they're easier than the midterms and tests! That's because I have time to study, and not get bogged down with studying for other things. Christmas break was great! Had fun with friends ^^ Accomplished more this break too ^^ Relatives that I haven't seen in ages because family luck has been bad this year too.

Happy new year everyone ^^