Sunday, March 13, 2005

Busy busy
Last week has been quite busy, as I shirked fencing last monday due to insomia the night before. Studied my ass off for the chem test, and all the events of the previous test occured except for the missing calculator. Then studied for Bio the rest of the week. Rescheduled an appt that was planned for the 17th, to a few weeks later. It's going to be quite busy the next 2 months with studying and doctor appointments. Although I've been going out a bit too lately. Went out to exchange defective N64 controller, and bought extras and more games yay! Saturday, went to do a fencing demo at 9:45AM to 10:30AM. Fenced for about 10 min of that time, but I won ^^ 7--6! Chatted with a friend, and then went to Finch station to meet up with my YAMA friends. We ventured to p-mall, and I haven't been there in a VERY long time. So I bought some burning supplies, prices of models hasn't changed, bought more games, and some anime ^^ (which seems to be getting cheaper). Had fun chatting with friends, and we tested out the list of songs for "Name that tune" event that's going to happen at an upcoming con. Went home, studied, and then fell asleep instantly in bed.

That's what has happened recently. Now to things I plan/need/want to do.

I have 2 coupons that give you a $4.00 discount on movie tickets at any Cineplex Odeon theatre that expire at the end of the month! I want to watch Constantine, or perhaps Onc bak, but going to a movie alone seems ... well ... very pathetic ... I could give them away, but when there are movies I want to see it kind of looks like a lost opportunity. I will head back to p-mall to get games that I asked for but they didn't have on hand. Also I'm going to badger one of the stores for a remote for my MD player. Despite it's uselessness now without a computer for the music. All the MDs that I have currently will be useful (especially the game music ones). Anyways, academically I need Bs! 1 C+ from Econ though I think is manageable, but I don't want to risk it. In addition there's chem. So freaking scared of chem grade. If it's a low C then I'm doomed T_T Sometimes I wish I wasn't an average B student, and I could afford a low grade. Atleast these are only half courses, and weigh half as much as full courses, BUT 2 Cs is still equal to a full course C >_< So I shall continue studying hard.

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