Friday, September 17, 2004

Hmm, it's been a good long month since I last said anything. Actually it hasn't because I just ignored copying and pasting updates from my LJ to here and my other pages. University has started, although I still have not had a FULL week of classes. We start early than everyone by 3 days, but we have an extra 2 days off this week because of religious holidays. So it balances out. Classes have been okay, I don't really meet a lot of people, because I tend to just pay attention to the lecture and nothing else. Labs start tomorrow, so I wonder how those will be. My homework is light, or that I just do it efficiently, or that it's plain easy to me. Outside of lectures, I've only talked to a few people, made a few friends (which will probably increase as the semester continues). One of them is a very outgoing person that I met on Wednesday. She's very expressive, and we seem to be able to kill lots of time just talking to each other about life, or society in general. That's about it, I have econ and chem to do. Study for bio I should do to and that's it.