Monday, September 29, 2003

*cough cough* =( I have a cold. My first one in more than a year. Anyways, what happened in the past few 2 weeks? Well Friday was sooo much fun, despite the rain =P catch me online, and I'll tell you how much fun, but as always, such joys never last, or are clouded by bad news that comes after it. There wasn't a lot that happend until my doc's appointment on the Wednesday. They told me my bone density was down, and I should increase the intake of calcium. ='( I have signs of Osteoperosis and I'm only 18 years old ='( Well that was bad news. Take the Thursday Calculus test, and I think I forgot to invert the graph when I was drawing it =( There goes my chances for a perfect score.

*cough cough*
Friday was suuper cold, and I was half frozen from riding my bicycle to school. Then right before Calculus starts, some Grade 9 kid coughs on me! Show some respect to your elders, and did anybody teach you to cough away from people, not at people! Grrr *cough cough* I know where I got this cold from. Well friday also had no calculus class as our teacher was at her twin sister's wedding. Hmmm, it seems a lot of people are getting married at this time of year. Well after school (that means 1:00PM and later), I rented Bionicle Mask of Light for my little brother, and I rented Gasaraki for myself =D Rode back to school to start the first Robotics Club meeting of the year. Wow, a turnover of 35 people. Well that's to be expected, whether 20% of them stay with the club to the end of the year is a different matter^^;; I missed the school's anime club meeting though because my friend just HAD to designate Fridays for Anime club. Grrr, she knows that Fridays is ALWAYS Robotics, and it's been like that for the past 3 years! Oh well, they came by Robotics because my meeting wasn't just a sign up day, it was also to brainstorm ideas on what to do during the year. They came, they said they didn't need to sign the sheet because I knew who my friends were, and their e-mail addresses. True, and then the supervisor asks a friendly question of what type of robots they like. So Maria answers "Destructive stuff?" Haha, yah that was a laugh since we all like those kind of things =P Well I turn back to organise a bit, have one of the executives take control of fund raising, the other take control of money, and I coordinate =D Well when I turn around, I already see that one of my friends has disappeared, and the President of Anime club (my friend), starts sneaking away. She even crouched down and started crawling away, while at the same time dragging Maria away. =( Is the club that scary? Oh well, that's ok I guess.

*cough cough*
Saturday I spent sleeping, eating, and finishing any biology and playing with limits for Calculus. I also watched Mask of Light with my brother, since I had a slight interest in the movie too. The movie has very nice graphics I can say =D Not photorealistic, but it is pretty realistic for LEGO =D I found out today was a beautiful day, and that Maria saw a really nice sunset on her way back from the Mall, and my dad and brother were outside at around the same time to get a view and feel of the good weather. It was even clear too. =( No beautiful sun for me, but I did see the stars outside at around 2:00AM. Since I sletp 4hrs during the day, I could stay up that late.

*cough cough*
Sunday was the same, except with physics, and I had enough energy to go for a walk. I seem to cough less outside, then I do inside. Also when I did go outside it was around dusk, so I got to see a really nice view of the sun beaming through some of the clouds covering the sky. I notice that the best scenes and times in our lives are never caught on film. If you actively try to catch them, they don't become the best. Since you are anticipating that something will happen, and not enjoying the moment. Soo, I will finish the film in my camera, develop that film, and stop actively searching for a good shot, and look more for a good time. =D

MONDAY *COUGH COUGH CHOKE*!! There's this form of evaluation that gives out BIG quizzes, or small tests in our school. We either call it a Quest, or a testlet. Anyways, everyone was under the impression that we could do the evaluation in half a period. When we enter the class, it somehow magically transforms into a full fledged 8 page test! What the hell, and I'm still coughing and sick. Well it also seems that a good number of other people including the physics teacher are all sick too (divine retribution?). At the end of the test, I am not sure how I got to Calculus, but I know I had a very very big headache after the test. @_@ I'm glad Calculus is just a continuation of limits, and how do you find them if they exist or not -_- Biology is always fun, and today was just note taking on the cell membrane and the various forms of transport between the membrane. Talk to a few friends after class, and go home to eat and watch another 2 eps of Chobits. I don't have lots of time to watch anime. And I can't stay up late to watch it. I need to sleeeep and rest and recover from this cold *cough cough* That's all for now, *cough cough* time to rest up and recover.

Friday, September 19, 2003

Okay, so about 2 weeks since I've been online sooorry for not coming online, but I've been extremely busy with school =D

Well let's see here, it's around 8:00AM in the morning, and I am reading the weather maps because the tail end of Hurricane Isabel is suppose to hit. WAAAH!!!! It's disrupting my meeting with friends today. The heavy stuff should hit Toronto in about an hour =T That's 1 hour before the meeting =T Anyways, why is John so busy in school? Well #1 the physics teacher always seems to have labs on Tuesdays, and they are usually due the next class. So I usually only have 24hrs to do a lab, while the well organised AP class gets a whole weekend =T I should've joined AP but that would contradict why I tried to get 1st, 2nd 3rd period sched, and have guidance question the true extent as to how severe my illness is. Oh well, things seem to be getting a little better as this week she gave us an extra day to do this week's lab as we didn't get our labs back from last week yet either (she must have too much to mark =D). Calculus is just waaaay too much fun right now, as we're just doing the Remainder, and Factor Theorem, Sum and product of quadratic roots, and now we're doing polynomial inequalities.

How about social life.... Well that seems to have merged with studying as my friends are also my study buddies XD Haha, ok so lots of fun of fun with them watching anime, studying, playing, snapping eeeevil piccies of friends being a clutz, or making somebody that is cute and innocent look EEEVIL (I did that, and now she'll kill me if I ever scan that pic). Hehe, things are still looking up except I couldn't get much sleep last night.

Monday, September 08, 2003

August 29, 2003
Today is the last day of summer holidays. I have spent the last day enjoying it to the point that I find it miserable. I converted the DVD Inu Yasha - The Love that Transcends Time, and I played serveral fighting games with my friends. We discussed a little about school, and enjoyed each other's company. The day went like this, Wake up at 8:00AM and start converting. Read and reply to Maria's nice e-mail. Chat a ton with Serge who will be in university studying exactly what I will next year for university =D Eat lunch at 1:00PM, and finish the convert at around 2:30PM Review the burn and copy the disks to permanent copies (I make sure my products are of the best quality available XD) Cherry, Mihan, and Nanting all show up earlier than expected (about 30 minutes earlier o_O) and Lirad shows up on time at 5:00PM as usual.

Dad and mom come back fairly late, and that means it was time for us to all go to Cherry's place for dinner, although we changed plans and wanted to play GGX2 (since it's much easier than Tekken 3). I wasn't prepared to go out right there and then, and so I was holding everyone back ='( Anyways, when I got out, I went to take my bike, and catch up with them. However, when I was crossing the street, I saw a car and thought I could go faster than it. So I took the risk to race faster than the car across the street. I wasn't faster, but the car stopped behind me to let me pass. If he didn't stop, I'd probably be in a Hospital ICU.

Play a ton in GGX2 at Nanting's place, and beat Nanting once with Anji XD (Yes, she didn't take defeat by Anji with a newbie like me very well). Anyways, we left at around 7:10PM and at around that time Karen calls Nanting about training (I think it's for Dragonboat), and well we all just left o_O SOOO Nanting's mom runs out to chase Nanting, and Nanting gets the message. ANYWAYS, we all trekked to the school sign because that was the last place the 3 met. We debated on whether somebody should wait there, or somebody should find her and tell her that Mihan and Nanting aren't going to practice. Anyways, we debated long enough that she came anyways to the school sign and saw us there XD So she joined our party to Cherry's place for dinner, and fun =D

Anyways we got to Cherry's at around 7:40PM and Lirad kind of ran to the TV to watch ET. Also, we got a call from Stephanie who was with Lucy and Lior just a little after we arrived. Sooo we invited them too to come with us =D They arrived fairly quickly and we chatted for a while. Then we looked at Cherry's fixed Gundam Hellcustom Deathscythe (The parts still need sanding and trimming after you clip them from their frames) Also those stickers need their air pushed out or they'll peel off in about a month. Oh well, it's still very very nice (better than my RX-78 that doesn't have its stickers). Took a look at Cherry's drawings, and where she put her posters from Anime Expo up in her room. She only put up the Samurai X poster though ^^;; Anyways, we came back to the dining area for dinner and ate a Vegetable soup and Spaghetti with Tomato and meat sauce. I could taste the salt which is good for taste, and bad for my kidney =T

After dinner we watched the MTV awards that Mihan taped, and exchanged stuff such as I getting Frank's circulating Rahxephon series =D We finally came up to the final event of the evening which is the movie that I had completed burning this morning (if played on an HDTV the resolution is 800x480). Since Inu Yasha was in such a high resolution, there was 0 degradation in pixels when watched on the standard 640x480 TV screen. An entertaining movie with the perfect mix of action, comedy and romance. Now everyone wants to watch the series, and I want to redownload the 1st season of the series that I lost to my Hard Drive Crash right before last semester's Data Management presentation.

That was Friday, Saturday was spent reading the newspaper, and swimming at the Elgin pool like every Saturday. BUT this time I saw Mustafa there and I got to talk to him a bit. I'll pick up that Physics AP binder later this week.

Sunday was spent bike riding in the morning, and going out in the afternoon to see if we can buy the cheap monitor for 159$ at Staples. We got there to find TONS of stupid people cramming to buy their school supplies for their kids. We found the a cheap monitor, at 147$ and this cheaper one is flat screen (the 159 isn't), and has a nicer design (silver VS black). We also found a set of computer speakers that were 15$ which are much better than my stereo speakers in my room ^^;; Anyways, we waited in line to buy our stuff, and then we stopped by Future Shop for that 10$ network router for me to network the computers. IF some of you are wondering WHY I need all this stuff, THEN it is because I am the one that takes care of the 2 computers in the house (one of the receiving the speakers and monitor to declare it a complete 2nd computer) and I will soon become the Network Administrator of the house as soon as I start networking them =D

In preparation for the networking, I was thinking I was going to spend a SMALL amount of time fixing up the old computer (the one in my room). I was trying to restore sound to this unstable computer. Well first I was forced out by my parents to go for anothe bike ride, which turned out to be beneficial and fun. Then back to this task, and I spent the whole day reinstalling windows a few times, reseting a few times, running in safe modes, running in DOS. I even got to the point where I formatted the Hard Drive and upgraded the Operating System. Formatting is always a last resort to recovering a damaged system. So now the computer is much better, but it has nothing on it. Even when I did upgrade, and the computer is now stable, there was still no sound. I found the problem at 10:00PM at night after dinner and some rest. It was one dinky little jumper setting in the computer!!!!! Just push in the jumper setting to Enable Audio, and that fixed it!!!! I wasted the entire Labour Day labouring over such a tiny and simple problem!!!! Well atleast I can say I had a good night's rest that evening knowing that all I need now is a 25ft. network cable to get online. That's why I'm not online very much for the moment. I'm doing Homework, and I'm also waiting to network the computers. Once the computers are online, I'll be online much more often.

Well now comes Tuesday and it's the first day of school =D Walk my brother to school, and see nostalgic Bernard public school in all it's school bustlings. Speed walk back to school, and talk around to find out who's where, and who's back from last year and who's taking their 3rd semester of grade 12 =D Physics was fairly boring as it was just a review on sig figs *yawns* Into Calculus, and people I recognize would be Steph (I already you were going to be in this class from Friday =D Rebecca (ooh, yay I should say "Hi" to you sometime ^^;;) and Victor (Hehe, more mathematical Rossism fun)! Wheee that' was a fun class with the first bit of work being Calculus and Analytic Geometry =D Yes I was reeally nerdy in that class finding some of the problems that people thought were difficult, I thought were fuuun XD 11:30 and it's already going to be my last class of the day =D Soo this is biology with Charters =D Finally my first class with the Bio department head. I've had a class with the all the department heads except for bio XD Anyways more like my mind blanked out at the first site of extremely pretty and cute Maria (jaw droppingly and droolingly pretty, but I didn't drool as I realized that my mouth was already agape). Although that didn't last long as she reminded me of my Calculus homework (I'm sure you'll get more than me tomorrow =T), and then I screwed up as I haven't done any Chem review since 1st semester of last year X| Also I started to quiet down because my stomach was becoming more vocal (I only had toast and milk for breakfast), and I was getting tired (Not that great of a sleep, but still better than my sleep during the summer. I'm glad to be back in school not because I can escape my little brother =p It's because I am now not bored out of my mind like in summer. I spent the 1st month doing Discrete, and the 2nd month doing pre-Calculus (which explains my super speed today in Calculus =p) Also I get better sleeps during school because I'm exhausted beyond consciousness during the year, and in summer I have too much energy to burn that I stay up until 1:00AM thinking about stuff (robots, myself, people, society).

Well life is getting better and better, and it's not coming to me just on it's own. It looks that way to some people, but I still think that there are atleast 2 factors to that. One is that I have planned the school schedule of this year ever since my illness relapsed in April of 2002. 2nd my reintegration into society is somewhat radical from my previous attempts. I'm not being so uptight and fearful of people looking at me weird, I kind of like being told by Victor "John, you are now not qualified to put up anymore answers on the board." XD 3rd I'm sure God planned this, or has heard my prayers to help me, throughout a critical time in my life, and lastly I don't sit here and do nothing you know!!!! So now I just need to keep this up for another 5 years and I'll be free XD