Monday, September 29, 2003

*cough cough* =( I have a cold. My first one in more than a year. Anyways, what happened in the past few 2 weeks? Well Friday was sooo much fun, despite the rain =P catch me online, and I'll tell you how much fun, but as always, such joys never last, or are clouded by bad news that comes after it. There wasn't a lot that happend until my doc's appointment on the Wednesday. They told me my bone density was down, and I should increase the intake of calcium. ='( I have signs of Osteoperosis and I'm only 18 years old ='( Well that was bad news. Take the Thursday Calculus test, and I think I forgot to invert the graph when I was drawing it =( There goes my chances for a perfect score.

*cough cough*
Friday was suuper cold, and I was half frozen from riding my bicycle to school. Then right before Calculus starts, some Grade 9 kid coughs on me! Show some respect to your elders, and did anybody teach you to cough away from people, not at people! Grrr *cough cough* I know where I got this cold from. Well friday also had no calculus class as our teacher was at her twin sister's wedding. Hmmm, it seems a lot of people are getting married at this time of year. Well after school (that means 1:00PM and later), I rented Bionicle Mask of Light for my little brother, and I rented Gasaraki for myself =D Rode back to school to start the first Robotics Club meeting of the year. Wow, a turnover of 35 people. Well that's to be expected, whether 20% of them stay with the club to the end of the year is a different matter^^;; I missed the school's anime club meeting though because my friend just HAD to designate Fridays for Anime club. Grrr, she knows that Fridays is ALWAYS Robotics, and it's been like that for the past 3 years! Oh well, they came by Robotics because my meeting wasn't just a sign up day, it was also to brainstorm ideas on what to do during the year. They came, they said they didn't need to sign the sheet because I knew who my friends were, and their e-mail addresses. True, and then the supervisor asks a friendly question of what type of robots they like. So Maria answers "Destructive stuff?" Haha, yah that was a laugh since we all like those kind of things =P Well I turn back to organise a bit, have one of the executives take control of fund raising, the other take control of money, and I coordinate =D Well when I turn around, I already see that one of my friends has disappeared, and the President of Anime club (my friend), starts sneaking away. She even crouched down and started crawling away, while at the same time dragging Maria away. =( Is the club that scary? Oh well, that's ok I guess.

*cough cough*
Saturday I spent sleeping, eating, and finishing any biology and playing with limits for Calculus. I also watched Mask of Light with my brother, since I had a slight interest in the movie too. The movie has very nice graphics I can say =D Not photorealistic, but it is pretty realistic for LEGO =D I found out today was a beautiful day, and that Maria saw a really nice sunset on her way back from the Mall, and my dad and brother were outside at around the same time to get a view and feel of the good weather. It was even clear too. =( No beautiful sun for me, but I did see the stars outside at around 2:00AM. Since I sletp 4hrs during the day, I could stay up that late.

*cough cough*
Sunday was the same, except with physics, and I had enough energy to go for a walk. I seem to cough less outside, then I do inside. Also when I did go outside it was around dusk, so I got to see a really nice view of the sun beaming through some of the clouds covering the sky. I notice that the best scenes and times in our lives are never caught on film. If you actively try to catch them, they don't become the best. Since you are anticipating that something will happen, and not enjoying the moment. Soo, I will finish the film in my camera, develop that film, and stop actively searching for a good shot, and look more for a good time. =D

MONDAY *COUGH COUGH CHOKE*!! There's this form of evaluation that gives out BIG quizzes, or small tests in our school. We either call it a Quest, or a testlet. Anyways, everyone was under the impression that we could do the evaluation in half a period. When we enter the class, it somehow magically transforms into a full fledged 8 page test! What the hell, and I'm still coughing and sick. Well it also seems that a good number of other people including the physics teacher are all sick too (divine retribution?). At the end of the test, I am not sure how I got to Calculus, but I know I had a very very big headache after the test. @_@ I'm glad Calculus is just a continuation of limits, and how do you find them if they exist or not -_- Biology is always fun, and today was just note taking on the cell membrane and the various forms of transport between the membrane. Talk to a few friends after class, and go home to eat and watch another 2 eps of Chobits. I don't have lots of time to watch anime. And I can't stay up late to watch it. I need to sleeeep and rest and recover from this cold *cough cough* That's all for now, *cough cough* time to rest up and recover.

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