Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So the last time I posted was last year just about.

Only reason why I'm here is so I don't fuck up and offend somebody again.

I was selfish, unempathetic, hypocritical, and unreasonable. i'm sorry, for what i said and i hope you can forgive me.

now that was about an hour before my fight with dad and the apology is directed to a friend i hurt the night before.

now my hand hurts from my dad antagonizing me to the point that we had a physical fight.

i'm human, i'll try my best to fix my mistakes, but i can't guarantee i won't mess up again.

i'm sorry too for all the mistakes i made and will make, and i only wish that my apologies can be accepted and that we can work together to fix them.

unfortunately bearing the burdens of another is too difficult for many, so right now, i am by myself with this.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's the new year, and a new start? Not really if you left things behind in the previous year.

Anyways I just overheard my sister screaming like a female Chef Ramsay at my brother for his "sloppy work" in doing a job that she hired him to do.

I feel it's unreasonable though considering all she asked him to do was "check the mail everyday, put it all together in a pile, and scan things for me. "

So that's what he did, he checked the mail, even when we knew there was no mail. He put it in a pile, it's messy and out of date order, and with junk mail, but it's a pile. He scanned things, when he was asked to because how are we to know what's what? He did what he was told.

Sister comes back after 4 months and blows a gasket because they're not categorized, because they're not ordered, because my brother skipped December, because he whined about getting paid because he hasn't been paid for 4 straight months (since wiring money is too expensive), because it didn't make her life easier.

My parents already told her to calm down and to also retract her rants a bit because she didn't stipulate properly what was required. She was general on her procedure, and she got a general output.

She's been home for 2 weeks, and hasn't paid my brother at all and keeps yelling that she'll pay him when she has time and is not busy. Now she's leaving in a day and a night, and so I can understand my brother is feeling anxious about getting paid because if she leaves without paying him, that's not owing up properly.

Anyways just a story to note the simple things that aggrevate us.