Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fresh friends straight from the society tree!

It's amazing how I can let relationships (friends since that's all I have) go stale so much more easily than actual food that I eat.

Here's an idea of how bad I really have to get to allow awkwardness back into conversation.

Food goes stale in a week, maybe a month if you freeze it right.

Friendships don't get awkward unless you leave it for at least a month, more (like on the order of 3 or more) is just insane to go on without talking to some people. It's strange too considering I had an entire 3 month holiday. However, it could be that everyone's busy with plans of convocation and endeavours and basically setting off on our paths to "A Wonderful Life. "

So Mr non-initiator, what are you going to do?

I don't know but I'll say hi to some old and new faces and say bye to some familiar faces.

Thus far in life I have my own "web" of friends, and for me to expand it more requires that I sacrifice something somewhere in my life. This could be anything from grades, opportunities, other people, even my personal lifestyle. I'm not saying go and destroy your life to accommodate me, but think about just how much effort are you pouring into keeping in touch with others? Do you prioritize other things over it? It's always worth that thought when you feel lonely.

SO! What is John going to do about that lonely feeling?


Because ...

I'm quite content right now actually, and this post isn't a complaint if you thought so earlier.

I'm just more acutely aware lately of some people "noting" their lack of a social life. It's your self-inertia. The cause of your problem is stated as followed:

"If you don't show interest in others, they won't show interest in you."

Pretty simple concept, that requires a lot of work to get over that inert self. Anyways, that's all I got to say for now, maybe I'll see y'all sooners or laters!