Friday, September 19, 2003

Okay, so about 2 weeks since I've been online sooorry for not coming online, but I've been extremely busy with school =D

Well let's see here, it's around 8:00AM in the morning, and I am reading the weather maps because the tail end of Hurricane Isabel is suppose to hit. WAAAH!!!! It's disrupting my meeting with friends today. The heavy stuff should hit Toronto in about an hour =T That's 1 hour before the meeting =T Anyways, why is John so busy in school? Well #1 the physics teacher always seems to have labs on Tuesdays, and they are usually due the next class. So I usually only have 24hrs to do a lab, while the well organised AP class gets a whole weekend =T I should've joined AP but that would contradict why I tried to get 1st, 2nd 3rd period sched, and have guidance question the true extent as to how severe my illness is. Oh well, things seem to be getting a little better as this week she gave us an extra day to do this week's lab as we didn't get our labs back from last week yet either (she must have too much to mark =D). Calculus is just waaaay too much fun right now, as we're just doing the Remainder, and Factor Theorem, Sum and product of quadratic roots, and now we're doing polynomial inequalities.

How about social life.... Well that seems to have merged with studying as my friends are also my study buddies XD Haha, ok so lots of fun of fun with them watching anime, studying, playing, snapping eeeevil piccies of friends being a clutz, or making somebody that is cute and innocent look EEEVIL (I did that, and now she'll kill me if I ever scan that pic). Hehe, things are still looking up except I couldn't get much sleep last night.

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