Monday, November 07, 2005

Wow this really is a long time since I last blogged here, almost 1/3 of a year. Anyways here's today

No electricity drives me from my apartment. Atleast the wind and exercise were good. In any case, I'm currently in the office sleeping over. There's a nice squishy 2-person sofa here to sleep on with lots of pillows which should be adequate in this forever lit room. Got my winter headband to block out the light when I sleep too.

Pretty much carried everything too, my medications, organic chem textbook and solution manual as well as my fencing gear (Doesn't matter whether it's rush hour or not, it's still a big thing that is inconvenient on the bus to carry), my playstation for boredom and 40$ to survive off for the next few days. Only thing I kind of forgot was my camping matress that I left under my bed.

Well that's all for now, maybe I'll be back home tomorrow, or sleep another so I don't have to wake up early.

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