Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Yippee, I modfied my blog layout on my own. I now know how to use the basic functions of frames (thanks to staring at Roman's and Joanne's blog code for about 6 hours), and I acknowledge that I stole some code (the scroll ability for the entries in the blog) and formatting from Joanne (Although it seems most of the world has a picture on the right side of the screen).

Okay, I'm making an entry that is a bit more frequent. Some of these entries are just comments about blogs of other people, comments and other things because I'm cluttering everybody's tag-board up way too much. If you want, you can delete the tag-boards stuff by logging into your tag-boards, going to posts, check-marking the messages, and clicking delete. Anyways on to the comments:

Roman's blog, is starting to look like the school blogs of everybody on that side of the world. Also, the practical exams already for him? He only started school like about 2 weeks ago. Wow that's intense studying to do well like that.

Allison's back, and wow I read that whole entry in 5 minutes!!! Yay, I'm learning to speed read a little, and I'm now quite scared of the Clowmistress' firing ability with a mouse. I 'm only at the lower half ranks of shooters out there. But be careful in a dogfight, where the crosshair is fixed, the only direction you can go is forward-up, forward-down, forward-left, forward-right, and no reverse, no jumping, and definitely NO STRAFING!!!Also don't forget I always give big pills of meds (homing missles) at point-blank range (in other words, 0% chance of avoidance).

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