Sunday, July 27, 2003

Now here's what happened on Friday. I wake up, turn on the compy, and internet is down!!!! *cuuuurssses* Anyways, I start up the DVD-burning, and went to go do chores, and math. I did all that, and came back to check on the internet connection and the burning process. Yay, internet's back!!! *flies back online* I surf the boards, and chat with Kero and Fae. I am then bombed by my little brother whining for lunch *no cuuursses here ^___^* I go make lunch, and watch some TV while I'm eating.

I tell my brother to be good, and I put lots of trust into him that he can take care of himself for 60 minutes. I go off to the local comic bookstore on my hybrid mountain/racing bike. I get there in 20 minutes without even breaking a sweat(10km). I also noticed that when I went out, there was such a beautiful breeze to keep me cool, and the day still bright and shining. I bought the 2nd volume of Samurai Girl Real-bout High School (rich snob I am), and then raced over and uphill to the local video rental store in the same amount of time. Once again, there was the beautiful breeze, and to accompany me. I get to the store, and rent what my friends planned to watch (Animatrix), and I also rented Neon Genesis Evangelion. Okay, so I'm way behind on anime updates, but that's because I didn't have the money and time to watch the stuff during the school year.

I start riding home, and I just happen to leave the store when school ends, so there are masses of students blocking my way!!! Well this is a nice place to live so people are courteous to make an opening for me to pass through the crowds. I get home, do the usual cleaning and shower. I may have not broke a sweat, but who knows, maybe I just didnt' notice (I wouldn't want to find out the hard way that I smell). I do about 30min of math, then I go downstairs to see what I can do to clean the house. I end up watching Transformers Armada with my little brother ^^;;

AHHHHHHH!!! I can't believe a weirdo dream came true!!!!! Anyways if you go to my dream's blog, you can read the dream there. It's around 5:00PM, and my friend comes by to start the tutorial. Well he's always on time, now we just have to wait for everyone else to arrive. So he plays a bit on my piano, shows me where to download FF sheet music, and I try out Aeris Theme (bleh, I'm too slow). Anyways, 40 minute passes by, so I'm wondering why nobody has shown up. Atleast somebody should have shown up or called. So I call all the other people, and 1 of them she thought it was at 6:30PM!!! *cuuurrrssses (the bad communication)* Another found out they couldn't come the (probably because her parents suspect that she's going on a date with me) *cuuurrrssses (gossip)*. I call Lirad, and he's going to be here at 7:00PM!!! Well atleast he told me yesterday that he'd be late, but not that late! Anyways, the one to arrive at 6:30PM (NT) is punctual, and the 3 of us start our studies on Geometry. Showing off artwork, piano skills, and our masses of math textbooks ^^;;;;; Note taking, and then NT starts complaining that Lirad hasn't shown up. She's really bitter and angry about it too. So we continue our studies, and then he shows up 40 minutes later than what he said he would be. She really is furious at him, but she shows it by givin him the silent treatment.

Anyways, It's time for dinner, and I panic that there's not enough food because Mom didn't make enough to feed the family and the 2 guests I have that didn't eat their dinner before coming. Well I suggest that my parents go out to eat. Yay, they agree, and now there's too much food -_- Anyways, we watch Animatrix, and when we finish, NanTing wants to watch Ranma 2nd movie (too lazy to give real title) since it was just sitting around, and she's a little of a Ranma fan. We watch that too, and have a laugh. Meantime, I'm serving pastries and doughnuts. They are reluctant to take them though since they feel they're mooching (leeching) off of me. I don't mind giving the food, and hosting the tutorials. After the movie Lirad had to go, but the rest of us played Bomberman World for 3 rounds. Now it's time for everyone to go since it's late (12:00AM). So my friend that came on time can go home on his own (guys can walk alone), and I have to escort NT home (even though it's only 5 minutes to her house, and she is stubborn to try and leave on her own). I don't even have shoes on, or my keys, and she's almost at the door!!! So I just grab a pair of slippers, and join her on the walk home. Anyways, nothing big happens to me anyways, and she's just a friend, nothing more!!! We discuss our opinions about Animatrix, and talk a little about what to do for the next tutorial (host somewhere else).

I start walking home, and for the first time in my life, I see the stars, not behind a window, not under a shelter, not behind a screen, but just the stars and I. I walk slowly, as to look at 3 stars that are particularly bright. 1 to the West, another to the North, and a 3rd to the South. I stop at my house one more time, and look at them, how far and high they are. I guess I'm another one of those people that really wished I could bring something to see them better and closer instead of from the ground. Anyways, I got home, and went to sleep after that. Saturday has nothing special because it's all the usual. However, I did get my parents out of the house for the night and I'm posting here. I saw a certain OL person that I thought I had gotten my crush died. Instead it just pierces through it's coffin, and returns to pound at my heart and yell for me to do something (Okay it's waay out in the open now). That's all, I'm currently having a few problems with the Admins of AL, as apparently they linked their mp3 site hub with their admins. Geez, why did they have to connect them, they couldn't make a separate mp3 webring? Oh well, I'm tired, and my heart has seized his pounding. I'll be around on Monday.

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