Tuesday, July 01, 2003

WAHOO!!!!! In less than a week of summer vacation, and I'm already #1 and most of #2 of my summer plans!!!! Currently trying to communicate with my IRL friends over ICQ (turn on your ICQ!!!!). I took a trip with my family to Niagra falls, and for the weekend. I haven't been there in 14 years!!!!!! Also the place is beautiful, and I got pics (need to be developed), and camera footage (not coming to a webpage near you). On Friday, my friends and I watch Charlie's Angel's Full Throttle, and Darkness Falls afterwards. Wahaha, I'm having sooo much fun right now for the holidays, that I better open a book before I go overboard!!!Anyways, now to re-make that list of things to do:
#1 Fix old computer (1 day)
#2 Finish Math textbook (14 chapters, 2 done during the year, do half chapter each day, and I should be done fairly quickly)
#3 Study courses for next semester (currently being organised)
#4 My models (USS Nimitz, and a bunch of German WWII planes)
#5 FIND MONEY (although a gal is more important)
#6 ROBO ROBO ROBO (make one, and organise a competition)

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