Thursday, June 26, 2003

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Exams are over!!!!!!! Well I still have another year of high school to go but, I'm happy that I don't have English to contend with anymore!!! Now here are my plans for summer:

#1 Clean my room (1 day)
#2 Fix the old and new computers of the house as well as network them(1 week or more)
#3 Finish that last Math textbook in my room!!! (1 month)
#4 Study courses for next semester (All summer with my IRL friends)
#5 Build a model plane by the end or the summer (1 month)
#7 Build my robot (Igor Sikorsky style: Didn't know how to initiallly build/design/fly a helicopter, but made a successful one anyways)!
#8 Organise for competitions next year.

That's about all I can think of at the moment. Now anything I'll be thinking about this summer, besides my super packed schedule? Well it's not really super packed, if i do each item for an hour. What am I thinking? Oh just the normal stuff, I don't have enemies currently, so I'm not plotting anything like I usually do. I'm thinking about what I will accomplish with my robots, the competitions, and what will become of me with these achievements. Personally, I have no idea because it depends greatly on whether I have the support of others, or not.

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