Friday, June 13, 2003

Time to update this place before it becomes a dusty empty book in the basement. First, I've downloaded 1 CD by the group "Every Little Thing" and I can't stop listening to them (Current favourite is Feel My Heart)!!! Also I got a MP3 CD player, That's 20hrs of Music per disc!!!! Woohoo, unfortunately the player saps energy like crazy (5hrs of playing time before my Nickel Metal Hydrides die). I have 2 of my 4 mp3 CDs done too. I've been pretty busy because it was term paper and presentation time, and now it I'm approaching exam week. A quick rerun of my month is the Robot competition (Yay, my team won!!!), my English term paper and presentation (yay, upped my mark 5%), Stats tests/quizzes, paper and presentation (Don't know my mark, so I'm still nervous about that), and bio tests.

Anyways, that's all fairly normal stuff. Now for bad stuff. On Sunday, I lost my internet connection due to network problems. It seems my network card does not function anymore. So I spent 2 days fixing it, and I restore my network connection by redirecting my internet connection to my USB-network hub, and connecting to the internet via USB. Now I have Hard Drive problems as the computer bios does not even detect my 2nd hard drive (which has the other 2 mp3 CDs on it still). So now I have to fix that too. That's the material problems.

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