Friday, June 13, 2003

Now another issue that bothers me every day, every night, every spare period, and even when I am changing to my next class. I still look for a girlfriend, but not as a possession. I look for her because I wish to know that there is somebody out there who will listen to me (as in just me expressin, not commanding) and who can support me, as I will try my best to return what she is looking for in me. My family will only support me if they think it is worthwhile to do so. My friends are supportive, but they are my friends, you don't spill your guts out to your friends. In other words, I am looking to be close to someone. A few problems though is that courtship here in society is much harder than let's say where Kero lives (*gets whacked by Kero's hammer card*). Here a guy and a girl have to drop hints to each other (one of them being sit closer). However, it is hard to tell whether these hints are meant for their purpose, or they are done merely to adapt to the change in circumstances in the environment (sit closer intentionally, or to give room to another on the other side). Secondly, when asking a girl out on a date, she has to be alone to minimize rumour spread capability. This is VERY HARD to do since girls are rarely alone ANYWHERE these days, with scares of sex offenders, murderers, and so forth. IF one gets this far AND the girl does like you THEN the guy will find out when he asks for a 2nd date. BUT, during dating nobody tells their true feelings, and nobody really declares boyfriend or girlfriend. So if the girl does not like you and is really just after free meals. Then the infatuated guy will never know.

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