Sunday, June 15, 2003

Okay, today is mainly a reflection on my night at what is TO BE (Not IS, because I'm still in HS for another year) my university residence. It was a clear night, with a full moon. I looked out at the window and first thought "I think I'll take pictures of this beautiful city at night" So I did take a couple of pictures (6 pictures). Afterwards, when everyone had gone to sleep, and I was left alone, I opened the window, and the blinds (all lights off) to see the scenery unobscured and with the moon shining in. I realized that I want to live, work, and spend the rest of my life right there. I will live comfortably there, and most likely will be the place I live the rest of my life alone. I went to sleep, and woke up with 2 weird dreams (please go to the link of where my dreams blog entry on June 15, 2003). Afterwards, I went to the exercise room, did some exercise, and then I talked with family about what would happen in the late future. My parents will either pass on, or live in nursing homes. Bro would probably live in the apartment that we spent last night sleeping in, I will inherit the parents house and have my blue beetle buzzing around to bro, sis, and parents. Sis would probably have a castle/manor/estate/BIG HOUSE with pool tennis court, a red car and not let me in to crash for a night. Anyways, that's all, the main thing today is the 2nd dream I had (recurring imagery of the colours red and violet)

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