Thursday, June 26, 2003

If I have the support of my family, and the rest of society. My creations will reflect the positive society, as my creations may be used for construction, exploration, and other useful applications. If I am thought of as crazy by my family, and rejected by everyone for being weird. My creations will reflect my anger at society. Everyone thinks that a RL Gundam, Battlemech Atlas, and Imperial Chicken Walkers are fiction. They are fiction for the size that they are depicted, but if they are built to the same size as a Human, or smaller, they can be dangerous automated assault troops that are disposable. The faction that uses these will have no military losses except for maybe the loss of mech units. Their loss of life for military personnel would almost be 0. However, on the side seeing these units as enemy, will find themselves swamped by thousands, millions of enemies. There won't be any long struggles over land, or stalemates. It'll either be complete victory, or total annihlation.

As you can see, I have much more analysis on strategy to destroy life, instead of maintain it. Perhaps I think like this because I've never actually found that special girl that will perservere through the possibility of battering down the evil nature within me.

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