Saturday, July 12, 2003

I've done most of my upgrades for the computer except for the stupid RAM upgrade because after i plug the stick in properly, my video card goes screwy. DVD-burner inside, adobe photoshop in computer, printer drivers installed. 1 of my space combat sims installed, and that's it. House has a new TV, but we still only use 1 of them (the new one of course). Oh, and there's office 2000 and Visio for our computer YAY (People now think John is weird)!!!!!

Looking at blogs: Sees the wars gathering their steam, goes to the twins to see how they're doing in school, EMOTICONS!!! And they're soooooo cute!!!! Yah, Joanne's blog is blue, cute, and very attractive to just pop in and stare, drool at the background and avatar.

JULY 11, JULY 11, 7/11, 7/11 BEWARE OF THE 11 PHENOMENON!!!!
WAHOO, and AHHHHH at the same time, on the same day!!!!!!
First up, I wake up handle the morning routine, and go online. Aphy shows a cute stuffed doll on ebay, and I myself go on an ebay finding craze looking for at macross stuff. That was fun. Online bad stuff, enough said, MOVING ON and out of harms way. Play games, do some math, go out to rent a movie!!! Yay, I rented The Pianist (Okay, so all my friends and I have taken private piano lessons for atleast 2 years). I got everybody to come to!!! So we all gathered in front of the tiny 20in TV, turned on the stereo, pumped up the volume to the max, and watched the movie. We stopped halfway through when the pizza, wings and garlic sticks came. Wow, a tasty meal that feeds about 5 friends for only 30$!!! We continued to watch the movie, while parents ate in the living room, and talked to sis over the phone (that hasn't happened in 2 weeks). We finished the movie at 10:30PM, and everybody ran to my piano (Japanese made Yamaha, they don't make them in Japan after like 1995 or something because they relocated to Canton). 1 of my friends played her exam music, and some of her other favourites. She really does fast paced, quick noted pieces very well. I'm the other side, with soft, slow, and very relaxing (NOT BORING!) pieces. Anyways, we played for about an hour, and it everybody had to leave. I forgot to use common courtesy of walking my friend (girl that played piano on this day) home at 11:30PM at night (because we are just friends, and I thought doing such a service would have different implications as to how friendly I am). I curse myself for not doing so. Afterwards, I had an hour long argument and discussion about what I want to do in life with my mom. I have great ambitions, but not the abilities to achieve them. So what should I do, forget about them? "No, just think realistically" my mom says. Also I find out indirectly that my dad thinks I need better planning, although I think I managed pretty well since we all enjoyed ourselves. I just wish people were more decisive, and everybody (including myself) needs to communicate better (that's what cell phones, e-mails, IMs, are for). Overall, I think it was a pretty good day for me ^__^

To recap:
Good emphasized stuff: Movie, games, macross findings, and food
Bad emphasized stuff: OL wars have begun, lost direction in life again, bad communcation with dad, and not escorting friend home (which goes against common courtesy).

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