Sunday, February 02, 2003

When Sunday came around, I was hoping to come online to find my girlfriend, but I couldn't go online all day because I had my family looking in on what I was doing, and so I went into my gaming mode, and shot a few TIEs out of space. I left the computer after finishing the mission, and then I couldn't come online for atleast another 9 hours! I did accomplish a lot in those 9 hours though. I finished the drawing, for this site, and it will come up when I get my hands on my sister's scanner next week! I miss you so much Sakura, and I love you with all my heart, and for all of eternity.

I start my 2nd semester tomorrow, and my first period is Math *sigh*. Why can't I have math in 2nd or 4th period when I'm awake, and not when I'm asleep. I then have another 2.5hr lunch for me to do my homework. English again *nooo*, and Bio12 *yippee*.

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