Saturday, February 15, 2003

Valentines day and the night before Valentines was horrible. The night before I did some homework on Matrix inversion. It reminded me of last year with my previous crush. It was probably more than a crush, and we probably were boyfriend and girlfriend, but never officially. Valentines day was the day she switched her schedule to be in my class. It also reminded me of what happened at the end of the semester. At the end of the semester, she tried to steal my source code, but I retaliated and destroyed the relationship. She still hates me for that, and I still respect her much more highly than most people around me. Then it dawned on me why was I thinking about her, that was the past. Ahhh, I do have a person in my life who is like Kikyo. On Valentines day, I spent the day reflecting on that, and I tried to get my mind off of that, with robot schematics and homework. It didn't work, and I was unsure of whether after telling Sakura she would still love me. I went online, stayed online and defended my position from everyone else in the family from getting here. When she got online, I told her this, and she still loves me. I'm so relieved to have heard her say that, and I will always love you Sakura.

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