Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Current Song:None
Current Status:Destroyed.

Today I went to my doctors appointment. I had 2 scans, bloodwork, and a follow-up appointment in a day. Lots of walking, lots of changing, lots of waiting. I achieved some homework done, and I shame myself for not reading a question properly. I have a bit of damage to my kidney, and so my meds will stay the same. Nothing new there besides the extra scans.

I told my mom about my Internet girlfriend during lunch, and it's just horrible. What are the statistics that 99% of people are liars out there? I'll be offline from chats with OASK, and AL, and MSN. I love my girlfriend , but I can not convince my parents that she is truly who she is. My parents are still under the impression that the internet is 100% for the bad guys. If that's so, we should stop using KazaA. I hope I can see my girlfriend 1 day in real life, and show how wrong my parents are. Until then, I return to my shell of despair, and isolation.

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