Sunday, March 16, 2003

LAST DAY OF MARCH BREAK! Yay! Okay, I sound entirely crazy. Well it turns out that this march break is probably the first holiday I went through without feeling that it was a waste. I accomplished, progressing through some games, I also finished my English Homework well in advance of the end so I could practically play the last 4 days. My greatest achievement I think though was that I could finish more than 50% of my aircraft before the break is over. I can finish the rest in small parts during the year as well. Another achievement was that I completed more than 50% of my VCD conversions. Also I've got a reduction in meds so I can be more aware of how I feel. My energy spectrum was from full of energy to entirely exhausted before, now it's from full energy to little tired to entirely exhausted. In addition to all this, the last 2 days of the break had temps WAY above normal. I could go outside without needing a coat, and the weather was clear without a cloud in site. Other than that i think the break was pretty well spent from the previous years where I was either recovering from an operation, or I completely wasted it on Video/PC games. I feel happy. This happiness also includes my increasing love to that certain someone in my life. Also if possible, during the upcoming months I'll see if I can organise a trip to the US for a certain event in December. I hope it'll be easier for you (Sakura) to travel interstate instead of internation. If not, I'll still have a thrill at the event, although not as full-filling as seeing you. That's the end of this week's chronicle, and the beginning of another for the next entry.

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