Sunday, March 23, 2003

Yay, I got a tag board too ^_^! Anyways, the last week was just HELL, and now I feel like Rick Hunter more than Maxmillian Jenius or Roy Fokker like I usually am. *sigh* life sucks AGAIN! Well to start off, the day I got back to school, I was swamped with more hmwk than when I left for March Break. What gives?! If you're going to front load the semester's school work for the 1st half of the semester, front load it on our March Break! >: I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday working on my English essay, making it as perfect as I possibly could. Then after that, I have to go straight to my stats hmwk that I neglected for 3 days ^^;; o.O it's as high as Mt. Logan! T.T Oh well, I have 4 days to work on it right? Nope, I have my term project for that course to do first. I guess I'll do my hmwk after I do my project. *English novels yelling* YOU GOT A CONTENT QUIZ ON MONDAY! YOU STILL HAVE 1 CHAPTER TO READ! *sigh* more work?! *yawn* I can't stay up until 12:30AM again to do that. That's school life, and I'll continually do this for many more days to come (I hope I can endure it though).

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