Sunday, March 23, 2003

Some background info on my acquaintance with the red-haired girl in thick black glasses. She was in my chem class last semester. What I took note of was her name at the beginning of the semester (too bad I can't spell it). Her name sounds awfully close to or exactly like "Mirya" which is also the name of Maxmillian Jenius' wife. Secondly, I took note for her amazing performance in chemistry. It could and probably did match mine's if not better. I didn't take any particular interest in her until the exam of chem, when I first saw her without those thick black glasses. I REALLY was stunned by her beauty, and how those glasses masked it. Well I forgot about it because we're at exams, and my brain took control of my life for those couple of days. Well when the 2nd semester started, I still didn't take any particular interest in her even though we were in the same stats class. I kept having computer problems with mice on every single computer in the lab, except for the one that was next to her and her friend so the line would be Mirya, Sana, and John pretty much. Phew, no awkward situations or anything to hinder my performance. Here's the problem now, I've noticed that on most fridays she comes to school looking much prettier than the rest of the week, and the one time she dresssed up REALLY NICE for no apparent reason (that's what she said to her friends), she also didn't have her glasses, and that was before the march break. Talk about lasting impression, to see a beautiful goddess before you head out for march break isolation. Anyways, that's as far as I've said. We've only exchanged hies, byes, sorries (me saying sorry for blocking her way with my chair and sameers), and told each other our group projects, her friends are doing drunk driving now i think (probably didn't find the IIHS site my partner found). My partner and I are trying to find a cost and safety correlation with cars.

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