Sunday, March 23, 2003

Now for the problem stated at the beginning, which will hurt some, and damage my own reputability to commit to a single task and person. During the Sunday night of last week, I had a dream (Now you're thinking this goes in the wrong blog right? WRONG!). This dream was so weird that it had symbols of my past, and present day lives. The past symbols would be having an assembly in my elementary school, and me having to sit on the floor of the gym (grade 8s could sit on benches). I don't remember what the assembly was about, but I was maneuvering my way around those wooden trains that I played with when I was 4 years old and had Thomas the Tank engine, and James (Red train engine). I looked towards the gym entrance, and I saw one of my friends and said "Hi" to her like I usually do. However, what shocked me most was that the glasses she was wearing. They were the thick Black glasses that I had seen on one of my classmates in my stats class. I sat down in the middle of the wooden train network, and suddenly watched a tunnel cave in on my favourite Tank Engine Thomas." I also find myself falling, through grey fog, and see those thick black glasses only, and they were getting bigger. I seemd to be afraid of it, yet I was also wanting to help them. It had a fierce, and yearning feelings in it.

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