Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Argh! Why does it seem the world hates me again?! First off, I had a terrible sleep last night, it was because of some terrible dream that I don't remember anymore. 2nd, I left my alarm clock off, and woke up 30min later than I wanted. That's ok though because I meant to have an hour to do whatever i wanted in the morning, so instead of an hour, I got 30min. I went to my follow-up appointment, and everything was fine, I have my meds reduced. Yippee! I went to eat lunch, and that was fine too. On the ride back home, my mom asked me if I was still chatting with strangers. *thinking: Get off my back!* *Said: Stop looking into the past.* in a complaining tone. After that, my mom took me to apply for my licence *short interruption: Yesterday, I went to apply for my drivers licence, and they asked if I had any chronic, or medical conditions. I said I had Lupus. So they told me to fill out a medical form for them to approve.* I had it filled out by my doctors today, and we gave it back to them. They said they need the medical office of the government to approve it and I have to wait for their approval. WHAT THE HELL! IF I SAID NO, I WOULDN'T BE WAITING LIKE THIS! So here's what I'm mad about. If I said I had no health problems (which is a lie), I would have done my driver tests. Since I told the truth, and was a cooperative citizen, I have to wait for either a rejection or an approval to drive. Is the government trying to encourage fraud or something! I'm sorry, but when I was young, I was a compulsive liar. Now that I've learned that you only get punished for lying, I tell the truth all the time. God damn it! I really hate red-taped buried governments. Then it just reminded me of the quiz from the previous entry. I guess the saying is true once again in my life.

"Nice guys finish last."

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