Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Well, I just finished revamping my entire blog layout ^^;; isn't it a lot nicer than it use to be ^_______^. Anyways, the person pic above today's entry is how I'm feeling like. Which means today I'm pretty happy about life. Well let's start off again from where I left off last week ^_^

Monday of last week: I wake up, and go to stats, didn't really listen to the lesson, and went on reading. I read the whole morning, and went to English class with the book only 3/4 read. Then on that day, the teacher surprises the class with an surprise content test! Agh, that's not within school policy, but we should've seen it coming. If I had known we needed to read the book for a test, I would have stayed up even later to make sure I didn't lag behind like this! Anyways, I failed that test miserably 15/40. For biology, we took some notes, very boring class still because it's all old stuff still. Go home, and have a nice talk with Sakura, and then, "Dinner's ready" from downstairs! Oh well, I guess our timing is all off again. Fiddle around on the net, and eat up the line.

Tuesday: Same as yesterday without the English havoc.

Wednesday: Sister's back from quarantine! Yippee I think, well she's just going to stay home, goof around, boss us little brothers around, play with my little bro's stuffed animals, and her own stuffed animals. All her work is done because she did it while stuck in her apartment. Get some stats hmwk, do some english hmwk, and don't have any bio hmwk since it's just to study the notes for monday's test.

Thursday: Dad warns me that everything is icy. I walk out *starts sliding and isn't even moving a muscle* WHOA! I should wear ice skates instead of shoes! *hears a fire truck coming* Wow an accident already? When I get to the parking lot of the school I slip on the ice! Ow that hurt. Then a car nearly hits me from it sliding backwards on the hill! That was close, when I get to class, about half the number of students are there. Then there's a 10 car pile up outside, in the parking lot! Holy smokes! I'm glad nobody was hurt in the pile up. Well we continue on with class, and I stay behind a period to read my book on Christianity. When I get ready to come home for lunch, I know the path I just took was pure ice, I think I'll take the sidewalks this time and walk on the lawns. Both are covered in ice and I end up slipping again and hurting myself again! Ow good thing the street looks desserted. When I get home, I say hello, and find that mom is home! Apparently, the fire truck I heard this morning was because of her. Well that was nice to know she's an early warning system of car accidents and was in a fender bender herself. On my way back to school, I slip on the ice, and get a quick dose of the force of gravity for the 3rd time! I go to English and bio like usual, and they're just work period and note taking periods respectively. I go home, and now slightly disoriented at firm ground. Yippee, I'm not going out again until school for tomorrow, there's suppose to be a library research period tomorrow in bio, it's been a while since I've had one of those. Phew, that's the end of one day, now I hope the next day is better.

Friday: It's not better! It's worse! There's now 3in of ICE covering the sidewalks! The roads were cleaned though, so that's nice. But parents gave me the impressiont that there was a complete covering of ice on both! They even ordered me back to sleep and not go to school! So I stayed behind, and only went to English and Biology. I got the next assignment for English (good a whole weekend to do it!). In the biology research period, we can't do anything because there's only 5 students, the teacher and I. Also my research topic isn't that great for research there. I go to Robotics, and find a majority of the members showed up! Wow, that's great! We start panicking because we got no money still! Anyways, we think up of a ton of ideas, to fund raise money, and the supervisor will start buying the stuff, but we have to pay him back. That was Friday, and on my way back the ice pellets seemed to make a kind of rough concrete that allows me to walk on the ice like the sidewalk concrete! Yippee, no slipping! Phew, I'm home and play the afternoon away because it's FRIDAY!

Saturday: Stay home, everything's frozen! Work on the Gundam RX-78 I bought last week. Start talking with Sakura after I finish the limbs and legs. I'm forced off the computer 15 min later by mom, so I go back to working on the toy. I went on a building spree, finished it, and forgot about Sakura ^^;; sorry. Do some hmwk, eat and go to sleep.

Sunday: Let's see if we can dig ourselves out! Dad tries to and finds that he has to hammer his way first, and then use the snowblower. He's really got a good workout there. I study, do my hmwk that I forgot, on Friday and Saturday. Eat, sleep, the usual.

Monday: Go to school, get study periods for Stats, english and bio! What gives, I nearly break my back coming to school over ice covered and now melted and refrozen (meaning purely flat, and textureless) just to have 3 study periods! I could've stayed home for that!

Tuesday: Test day! Agh! I missed 2 questions on stats test! The best I can pull out is 89% this is going to hurt from my last 2 perfect tests. English work period, for our Journal entries. I also got my study novel. Yay, it's only 215 pages, and not 308 pages! Good good. Biology test was pretty easy, if I was sure of what hormone causes plants to bear flowers and fruit instead of leaves. Other than that, today was pretty good, worked on my English hmwk, and off to sleep.

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