Sunday, April 20, 2003

Let the War begin.

There's nothing nice to say, but I suppose that's what I do, I destroy everything. Let's start with the enlightenment of Friday. On that day, all family members in the house found out that I still continued a relationship with Sakura, but they have brought me to see the light. In addition I destroyed the last remaining bond between my parents (trust), and I have vanguished what my sister worked her life for to maintain in this family. I will not continue my relationship with Sakura, as it has brought nothing but pain and sorrow to my family. Also, I did not say this earlier, but I have grown and changed. I do not love you Sakura. I realized this the Friday morning, when I had a dream about another.

As for the rest of OASK, and AL, I will not be a regular poster anymore. Despite how much I like to discuss issues, and news at OASK and AL, I will refrain from any personal attachment to those boards. I will also refrain from chatting with anyone via MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, and much more rarely mIRC. All members of OASK, and AL have been deleted and blocked by the messengers (I'm not sure if it blocks e-mails too, but I hope that's not the case). If you wish to send me an e-mail, I will reply back as soon as I can. If I don't reply back in a week, it means I have received nothing. Please post on the tagboard if you wish send me an e-mail, and I will send you my open e-mail account that should receive all mails. I probably only have one thing I can do that might "break-even" which is that I wish to withdraw from Anime League Blog Alliance, and join Secrets and Dreams Weblogs of OASK. I've always liked OASK more than AL, as it's always been a preference for me. I will always stop by OASK whenever I can. If anyone who reads this is part of the 2 alliances, and can make changes to my "change of heart" (Which I don't think I have a heart). Also please e-mail me, or post on the tagboard to confirm whether I've joined, or been cut off.

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