Saturday, November 22, 2003

Ookay, another entry in less than 5 hrs. I'm typing this because something really unsual, and good (or bad) has happened.

My crush from last year, and still a very close friend of mine's Liz, called me up about 2hrs after my last entry. She was asking for help in chemistry. She's in university, and so it would have been more logical for her to know more on chemistry than me. Well she called me up and was asking if either she could come over or I come over so that I could help her out. Being at home, and bringing somebody in on the fly to "disturb the family privacy" is not a good thing, so I said I would come by to help her out at around 7:30PM (an hour and 30 minutes after the phone call). I woke my mom up to tell her to make dinner so I can go out and be on time, and it turns out that everyone delayed 30 minutes >=T So I had to call Liz back up again and delay 30 minutes. Then when it was time for me to go, Dad told me to cancel everything because it seems weird, and that he has to drive my sister back tonight. So I called Liz up AGAIN, and told her I couldn't make it because of a change in circumstances at home. Her voice sounded so sad after I told her, and I said I was available tomorrow afternoon (my heart becomes sliced here now after hearing the sadness in her voice). After that, Dad and Mom talked to me about it being too fast, and too much on the fly (Everything that goes on in this house MUST be planned before executed). Also it was pretty easy for them to guess that its possible that she likes me because supposedly, she should have better knowledge in the field of chemistry than me, or she can ask her dad (who is a chemical engineer) for help. I also kind of got that inclination, but it won't be confirmed, and now old feelings are coming back to me. It's something I'm considering just as importantly as my future in Pharmacy or Computer Science. Any crush or inclination of my liking another girl in high school currently seems to pale in comparison to what I've just experienced right now, and what seems very very close to something that may grow. Hehe I follow my own definition of love.

A crush is a seed of admiration, love is the plant that grows from it.

I guess it's also like the flower I would give to a girl. A potted tulip, it grows, it dies and leaves a bulb at the end, it needs a dormancy period of coldness, and then it grows back to its former beauty in May (month I am born in).

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