Friday, November 07, 2003

ow ow ow, shoulders are killing me @_@ That mountain of Calculus and Physics is really heavy. Plus going to the bank to depost money walking 3km takes a long time (and is tough on the shoulders since I carry my backpack as well). D-boat is fun, although I didn't workout to the point of PAIN, just to the point of stiffness. Isolated a penguin at school for around 3 minutes, but failed to ask her out as the hallways are too noisy. Atleast I know that we both hate the architect of our crumby school for making the hallways bottleneck at the point of greatest conjestion =@ *sigh* she's very cute, and very attractive, unfortunately she's not very open like a hello kitty in the area.

The Hello kitty almost completely opens up those opportunities. She even talked about semi-formal and prom to me commenting that she doubts the quality of these dances (well its based on one of her friends going to prom, and my good opinion is based on every single one of my friends and classmates who went to prom last year) , and that she would like to only see other dress up but not herself. However, she believes from her friends that they'll all not be worth the pay into it. I accidentally asked if she'd like to go to semi-formal after her little rant (I didn't say "with me" but more in the manner of whether she was even interested in going) @_@ My talking rolls too much without stopping to think of the consequences of saying

"Do you want to go to semi-formal?" <--That was exactly what I said to the hello kitty.

On another note, that friend (let's call him Joe) I accidentally introduced to another of my friends (let's call her Ana) continues his pursuit to get Ana to like him. ROFL its fun to watch them fight like an old married couple, and now he's becoming a bit forward in his actions (e.g. he put his arm around her shoulder today) ROFL at Ana's reaction (duck and run behind me asking for me to be a barrier) *gets the evil eyes from both* ^^;; not my fault that friends from my different circles of my life are tangent to the point where they met (charity fundraiser)^^;;

Calculus doesn't look that big anymore, its just 16 optimisation problems. Physics is the real problem still as I don't have a lot of time to finish that (4 days to do about 80 questions). Biology lab due monday, but it looks very much like a physics formal lab. So if I follow that, I should be done that in 4 hrs.

Also today in biology class it's sooo freaky. Maria looks almost exactly like Freya today. Wearing mostly black, and her hair with 2 pigtails behind and banks over her forehead. Anyone could mistake her Freya if she had the console plug covers at her ears, and if her hair was long, and blond instead of shoulder length and black. Either way she still looked quite cute.

Off of reality now, I had a very vivid (well not vivid anymore since it's been about a week now), about the penguin. It's posted in the dreams section of my blog. Well off to play with calculus problems, and study for drivers test, and do physics and biology. I'll see y'all later ^_^

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