Saturday, November 08, 2003

Hmmm, I think I got a sign from somebody up there, trying to direct me where to go. Last night after going to sleep at 0100 I had a very quick nightmare to wake me up. Basically a bumble bee lands on me while riding my bike back home, and I dust it away. It comes back and trys to sting my right arm. It stings the clothing around my arm, and not skin, but its stinger is still trying to find my skin. I wake up before when I feel the stinger touching my skin. That's nothing to be concerned about really, but it was successful in getting me out of my slumber real quick.

Here's where it becomes unusual, I found that my head was under the blanket, and I saw a light from above the blanket. I uncovered the blanket from my head and wonder why the light isn't bright like a flashlight. I suppose you can call me crazy from this point onward, but what I saw was not light eminating from a flashlight or anything. It was light just floating in my room. What I saw were outlines of Penguin's MSN AV flying out of my house with a beaver looking outline behind it. I also saw this very large outline of a Hello Kitty on the ceiling just floating there (very big, about the size of my bed). Then a Miffy bunny starts swirling and floating around with the Hello Kitty. I try to focus my eyes because I'm not wearing my glasses, and then the Hello Kitty fades away, and the bunny starts to make that trail pattern that you see when you wave you fingers infront of a CRT monitor. Eventually the bunny disappears too, and that was the end of that vision.

I go back to sleep wondering whether I interpretted that properly. I wake up the next morning (today) to eat breakfast, and take my drivers written test. I passed with 3 errors @_@ another 3 errors and I'd be toast. Dad takes me to dollar store to go on a cheap, and fun shopping spree, and takes me out to lunch (since driving all the way home would have me eat a very very late lunch). While on our way back after lunch, our car is stopped by traffic lights at the intersection next to Markville Mall on McCowan with a Red Honda Civic infront of us. Crossing the street, I notice that IT'S HELLO KITTY and her mom crossing the street! Well I didn't open the window or anything to yell "Hi" because I bet those two are going to go to Markville for their own little shopping spree. Hehe Hello Kitty looked pretty excited when running across the road with her mom ^^

Now I'm home and studying Calculus, Physics and doing a Biology lab instead of going to visit my sister downtown with my family. That's all for now, I just had to put everything above down before I forget it in an ocean of optimization and momentum problems.

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