Saturday, November 22, 2003

Wow, 2 weeks since I was here ^^;; Well that was because I was busy. Let's see, I barely passed 2 of my tests (as in just above 50%), and I think I did very badly on the midterm exam *cries* Okay well I'm better now that its not all crammed at me in about a week.

In robotics, we did pretty well for a high school, and we weren't last place when going against university teams and individuals with lots of money at fire-fighting. We rounded out 7th out of 12 competitors. For sumo robots, WE'RE #1 WE'RE #1! Although you won't see that because they DQed the robot that beat 1st place defender TWICE. Why aren't we 1st place? Because we were suppose to use the OTHER one that they didn't call. Hey we listened to you, why the heck do we get disqualifed for listening properly?! Also partner forgot to change batteries in the deciding round against 1st place defender, and we lost that round. So on the record, we rounded out 4th out of 50 teams. Now we're just going to play a few internal competitions between the members of the club, and well all the girls stuck together, and when the room was being split I wasn't paying attention and I was put in the group with all the girls. Well I'm the only guy going to help them out, since all the other guys (80% of the club) are arrogant and think that the girls know nothing (x_X say that again and both Marias will pummel you through the concrete wall). There are 4 teams, 2 teams are competiting against each other in a remote control challenge, and another 2 teams are playing with LEGO Mindstorm sets. The Lego Mindstorms teams seems to have turned into a Guys VS Girls challenge too. The 2 teams for LEGO Mindstorms need the sets and the other person with a set has got his team and I am providing the set for the girls, so I guess its appropriate that I go along with the ladies ^^

Well that's school, boring isn't it now that most of the exams and outside competitions are over. In the social sector of my life, it just gets as crazy as school. Well right after the exams atleast. I haven't seen Penguin that often in school, as she doesn't stick around Ana and Hello Kitty that much anymore. Hello Kitty I see is very very busy and after those tests she's traumatized by it and has gone to studying like crazy. =_= why does her other courses have to be project intensive instead of hmwk intensive ^^;; Yes I'd much prefer the Mount CALCULUS and PHYSICS hmwk questions over a super huge group project on physics or english. This is because with homework questions you can work on them in sub sections and attack the huge thing from different points and positions and places. With a project you have to coordinate with others (which is very hard to do if they're stubborn), and if they don't do their part, you're screwed entirely.

Hello Kitty is determined to stay in Calculus as she says she's floating above failing and wants to get back to a decent grade.

*John's thought* I'm floating in the high 70s, so I shouldn't say anything or I'll make her cry. Hey she's trying hard which is good ^_^*end of John's thought*

She also had her braces removed last week, and I was the 2nd person to see that ^_^ The first person that saw her was the teacher asking her why she skipped class, and all she needed to do was smile to show the reason ^_^ She's prettier for sure, although since it was before the midterm, I haven't seen her smile like that for quite a while.

After the midterm, you could say life was suppose to slow down. It did hmwk wise, it got more intense socially. Joe being ever determined to have Ana as a friend (he's acting like he's trying to court her too) continues to fail in his attempts. Well she's having fun messing with his mind, but she still feels queezy around Joe, and we get much more work done when he's not around =P It actually got to a point that Joe was grovelling ROFL. Yes I'm evil in that I got a piccie of that =P *Ana flashes her eye lashes and says * "You have to help me in chem and calculus!" *gets dragged by the arm to the library* @_@ I can't say no to her when she does blinks with those eye lashes. Well I still carry my own chem binder as a lead weight and reference for me to help her out. The course is still lots of PHUN and she's helpful too for Biology, so I guess it's even ^_^

Went to watch Gothika on Friday instead of Matrix: Revolutions (dang why is Larrat's parents so late all the time). Well it was suppose to be scary, but it wasn't, and they tried to do a copy of Sadako with a white girl =@ She's no where near as scary as Sadako, AND the movie was not scary, perhaps startling at times, but not scary. PLUS the audience was crap, there's a bunch of girls at the front of the theatre screaming at every scene of that girl, there's a noisy swearer at the back, and guys at the front yelling back at her. =_= that was a very bad audience but it was funny to watch the comic relief by the audience ^^;; Went to Mousey's place to play Poker, and I got beginner's luck for 1 game until Tin Tin came by and she grabbed all the luck (which costed Larrat to go into debt by about $3). Ros and Kay came too, and well I didn't know Kay was extremely ticklish. Well her face of terror when we were about to tickle her is priceless. Ros held her down and she told us to poke. Then Larrat and I were like " Poke or not poke?" Well got 1 pic of mousey, and Ros trying to tickle Kay. that was fun, and then we all had to go home =D

Now is the weekend and all I have to do is a bunch of physics questions and finish that Biology challenge XD I love Biology especially since most of this course is Biochemsitry XDXD I'm reconsidering whether I should go into Pharmacy or Computer Science. The Computer Science industry is saturated, and Pharmacy looks pretty good since my Bio mark is 92, and my Chem mark is 86 (would be 92 if I didn't slack off). So I have 6 weeks to decide my future ^^;;

Short term futurewise, I wonder what Maria is planning for the upcoming day off from school the coming Friday. Well I think everyone (meaning RL friends) should try and help her out a bit. She doesn't like to do everything by herself, as she may end up coordinating and not having any fun at all =T so help out guys and we can all have fun together =D

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