Friday, January 24, 2003

Well well, I make a blog entry on my mother's birthday, but this entry will not be a joyous occasion. I'll start with school. I did get my English essay back marked up. I tanked it because it was suppose to be a comparison essay, and not a politcal paper. I did take my electrochem test on the 15th, and I aced it! Yippee, we also got review sheets to study from, and I went through the whole year in 4 days! We got a lot of English work to prepare for the exam, such as read a short story, read the history of the English language. I read those and I think I did well on those parts. As for the essay question of the exam, I have absolutely no idea how I did on that question, it's worth is 50% of the exam, and I think I was rambling back and forth with points of proof that could be contradictory. There goes my English mark, I'm already hovering at around 68-69%. Too high for summer school, and too low to be worth anything. I have the chem exam on wed and I'll be upgrading the computer soon too.

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