Monday, January 13, 2003

I am happier than ever that I have found the one. I wrote a reply, and then my stupid e-mail account goes down, and erases what i just wrote! I retyped 2 words on notepad, and then my mom starts whining that the cable TV is not working! I fix it, and go back up to finish up the mail, and then sis comes in to tell her stories of crazy KazaA users. Fine, fine they're interesting stories, I need to get back to this mail!. Nooo, I now have to do my chores and fix the cable TV again! Okay, I fixed it, and did all the chores, I gotta get back to the mail! "JOHN! The cable's broken again!" Ahhhh, 3rd time in less than an hour! Fixed up, sister's out of way, cable fixed, everything done, little bro playing by himself, I can now type the mail. I'm done, saved, and then Internet connection goes down! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, IS EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD TRYING TO STOP ME FROM TELLING MY LOVE HOW I FEEL! I restarted the computer, and I waited a few minutes for the internet connection to come back. Dad comes home, and everyone has to greet him like usual (Ugh, more delays!). Okay, I greeted him, and now I gotta send the mail! Finally I access the window, send it and hope to dear God that it sends! It is sent and I'm overjoyed that I succeeded in this mission of sending the letter. I guess Murphy's law affects me most acutely when I have important stuff to do. That's all for today, I did the usual stuff besides all this which is chat with Allison(Alli-chan) and Allison(Ally-chan), Dave, and Matt's back too (Yippee!).

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