Monday, January 13, 2003

This is what happened on 1/10/2003, if you remove the slash from 1/10, it becomes 110, which is a multiple of 11. 11 is the number that brings the most out of my day, good or bad. I wake up as usual at 0800 and come online to see jero, zechs, kero, and roman ^_^. Kero was babbling about some secret, and everyone was whining to get it out of him. Kero gaves lots of clues, and I found the secret. Everyone was happy that the secret was out, and then I had to run (ice skate) to school.

I got to school with 5 minutes to spare, and I was not even short of breath. We had the electrolysis lab, the lab produced some unknown gas, and everyone was coughing like crazy (I was no exception).

I got home, talked to jero about education and university. After jero left, I did my robot designs for the club meeting that was coming 3 hours later.

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