Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Urgh, for goodness sake, since when has John become a target for displeasure! Is it because I'm too happy once again?! I must be kept in some form of agony, either by being left in a cliff hanger to know somebody is unsure of themself or just merely the victim of a short tempered sibling. I'm supposedly their guide to the right course of action, but I was contradicted each and every time I suggested something. Now I scared them off by expressing my annoyance! It's either one or the other, helping with degradation inside, or keeping my assurances to myself. It seems everyone around me never is unsure of themselves, I always get the "Are you sure?" question. This is my answer that I will never say, because I can confirm it yes or no as I trust in my own logic.

I'm going to be super corny and cliche right now. If you don't believe in what you say, or do, then nobody else can be for sure of what you're saying or doing is correct. Here's the logic behind the cliche, your thoughts and actions are your opinions and positions, if you're not sure about something, then you will tend to think about the opposing opinion and positions, thus you either have equal strengthed arguments, or you're position is weak and shaky physically. Since you have equally strengthed opinions, then you end up getting a headache from wondering which one is right as both seem right at the current time. So you usually look for help to sway one side or the other, OR you shut up in a conversation because you can't take a stand IN the conversation! Thus is the way if an anti-conversationalist, or an isolative person. I've been that way, and I'm sick of it, the loneliness really sux because nobody knows you, or you (I) think that nobody knows you (I).

Now I'm done with, I know this is offensive, and they're going to say "Hey, we have feelings too, I'm just thinking from another's perspective, and rebutting with that" If you're going to think in that perspective all the time, then why ask me for help if you can do the reverse just fine. I'd love to help, and I GUESS it's okay to have me thinking my old ways too, but I don't like it because I end up wasting countless hours writing and typing, and end up at the end, saying "Oh what the heck, I'm just going to BS with this position," blurt it all out, and end up when I get it back "Oh, I got a decent grade =D"

The 2nd thing is that if I'm a slight annoyance to another, then don't jump all over me and hit me emotionally in a strong attack(whiny sibling) or throw me off a cliff to hang (asking for help). Pain Pain pain, as one of the radio messages on my flight sims quotes "WANT SOME MORE?!"

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