Saturday, January 03, 2004

Good times come with good effort

Good morning for yet another late entry, but have you noticed that I'm much happier at night than during the day? Maybe I am a night animal that enjoys the seclusion of darkness, the beauty of a moon, and the dazzling of stars. Haha, the only ones out here if it were that would be black cats, racoons, foxes and wolves. There are people that are already racoons and black cats I know, I'm no where near as attractive as a fox, so I guess I'm the scruffy wolf that looks up at the sky all the time.

Well, yet another successful party with my friends, which is very nice. And the clean up only took 2 hours, not 6! Yaay, I don't have to worry about that when I go to sleep tonight. Although I'm a bit puzzled as to everyone's lack of appetite from 2 weeks ago. Either that or I didn't realize how much some ate that weren't present. Oh well, I guess family and I will eat up the rest over the next 2 days. Lots of fun with a well balanced, violent movie, some fighting games that we all enjoyed, and were pretty fun to since I'm getting the hang of it now. Lots of good help in the kitchen making the stuff, and everyone's cooperation to help clean up. Woow lots of fun, and we even did karaoke, although slightly a bit late for the one making the presentation, next time, next time ^^

It's fun to talk to people in person, and the animals of the night are very friendly. They're very interesting people, the only problem is that topics don't pop up to get to know people since the majority of conversations in person are fairly shallow. Getting deeper is often, harder in person because there is fear of a very emotional reaction that is not happy =D Ai, why am I delving on this? I don't know I just notice these things. Oh well, I'm very happy, I've still got tons of work ahead of me, but I'm very happy. I've had a few good conversations today, one on culture and character, and the other on personal stories and adventures =D It's really hard to get such conversations out in the open because such conversations are rare in a group, but with 1 person (in person or online), it comes out. It's really nice, and it tightens those loose connections with people. I've never really noticed it until today while a wolf talks to a racoon on how they gather food, places they've been, why one has a family of little ones and lets go when they're big enough, the other always stays in a pack of best friends, family dynamics, and family history. Lots of fun, not a party, but still just as fun =D

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