Sunday, December 28, 2003

As my friend's display name says Ever Onward - Funz over, time to study. Well atleast the holidays were good for the most part. Party on the Friday starting of the holiday with a party, bike riding in december, playing games throughout, cleaning the house up, talking with friends, and getting my airplane done. Well the landing gear broke again because glue does not work very well over tape. I will add a triangle support to my landing gear, and hopefully it'll be a bit better. Played lots of games, mainly computer space combat simulations, and that's it. I got 2 presents this year, which is less than usual, but the thought and quality from these 2 gifts outweight the quantity by a thousand times =D A photo album from a friend, and sweater from my cousin.

Gifts to my family were cards and money to our older cousins (Anna and Leslie), and something else for our younger cousin (Derek not telling, as that may give away his age) =P However the best gift I think the family shared was each other's company last night. My sister could talk to Anna, and Leslie could kind of show off his girlfriend that my dad mistakenly mistook for one of his previous girlfriends WHOOPS! Hahaha, well parents, uncles and aunts all had good fun I think talking and chatting for hours about jobs, about us the little ones growing up really fast, and about other things like cameras and projectors. Derek and my little brother had fun sword fighting each other, and also played on the computer ( again)^^

Yes everyone was having fun, with the exception of the oddball being emphasized this year. I am 6 years younger than my older cousins, and 6 years older than my younger cousins. And there's absolutely nothing in between. So I was bouncing back and forth between the 3 groups of people, I mainly stuck with the parents and uncles because sis and anna are having a girly talk, and the little ones are playing a boring flash game. But even there, because of my lack of cantonese, I could only understand bits of it. But it was enough to get the points, not the humour though that sometimes occured. Also, I'm a lot younger than all of them, so I don't have much to say either, except that I would probably feel like my little brother blurting and not thinking. So I just listened hard and tried to learn a bit.

Funz over, time to study, I spent 13hrs sleeping last night! Holy smokes, how can I just sleep like that. What happened to my fixed waking time! I read half the book section of electrochemical impulses last night when the party was over, and I will spend today typing everything up, and finishing bio today probably. Go out tomorrow with mousey and university company to "yum cha" and perhaps land my foot in a fob mall without parents giving me only 5 seconds to look into a game shop. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday has no plans, and Friday has very sketchy plans still, I better get that rolling then.

As for that previous entry, any pain that I felt has passed over, and healed. Any yearnings for openness with others though is always there, also new things that I think about is whether I am still a selfish person, and is what I do for self-gratification? I don't know, I have to think about it over time.

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