Tuesday, May 04, 2004

With age comes experience, and with experience comes wisdom

Well as I recall the last time I said I'd make an entry was when passed the next cycle of goods and bads. Well life in general is not exactly picking up in terms of being overly happy because I am not allowing myself that priviledge. Mainly because even though a lot of good things have happened, I have a pile of stuff to do as well, and family is still in pretty bad shape. Friday found out that uncle with a stroke is recovering well^^ However, my other uncle has internal bleeding, because of his may colon ulcers. So both my uncles are in hospital recovering or waiting for operations. Saturday turned out well, and I was hoping it would instead of the disasters that sfk was anticipating at the the event. That was a lot of fun, even though my job there was pretty dull in itself. Well after I didn't feel tired because well I pretty much sat around and watched stuff and people ;) for the 8hrs until my legs were stiff. So going home, I still had a bit of energy. Went to work on discrete, and finished 1 section. I really can't work at night like a lot of people can. Well worked until 3:00AM helping another out, to the point that I had to tell them I'll blackout when lie down in bed, which I did, and I woke up at 1:00PM the next day. Sunday I spent hoping to cram my scrap book, but no avail I can not ignore family and we ended up making dumplings that day, and doing other stuff. Well I did finish it at 11:00PM that evening, but I couldn't work on anything else that I had hoped to do, so a small disappointment in my own thought of self-accomplishment. Today is an okay day except that I slept in, and slightly rushed to do everything. Mr. R is going through assignments at lightning speed, and it's hard to keep up. Atleast these assignments are mainly completion marks because he himself can't keep up with the pace hahaha. Helped a friend in need, got some sonars to play with, have a 1 day extension on the scrapbook, and I still have discrete untouched (NOoo! I MUST DESTROY THE HMWK!). Went to engineering, started working on an angry tracker hahahaha, and watched as our egg football thrown has its egg still intact at the centre Yaaay, we're really moving. Talked a lot about our accidents, all my accidents are usually bicycle wipeouts, while everyone else in engineering has been hit with baseball bats, flew over MTB path cliffs, some IV hospital mishaps, or hit by a car and not even hurt o_O. Well Went home after that, and got a game I ordered ^^ Yaay back to my GRADIUS addiction. My birthday is coming up, and well looking forward to it as even though nothing really big happens on it, I still look forward to it because it means I survived another year of life while bombarded by constant health problems that I overcome each year.

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