Saturday, May 29, 2004

What hurts the most, is courage coming with tardiness. Be thankful for your second chances

Somewhat of a different saying for someone that is still hyper and happy from Prom. Well let's start with the beginning of the day. Everything is fine except I felt like someone out of hicksville town, and not knowing where to go to find the right buses to university. I find it, and well I already missed 2 buses. The campus itself isn't very dense, but the amount of space it occupies is tremendous. So my poor flat feet feel fire (Oh, look at the alliteration =D). While getting my package, I meet someone going into the exact same program as me. COOL coincidence! Well, went out to buy an electronic Dice for IB, and then tried heading back home. Unfortunately, I was dropped off at Langstaff and Bayview instead of Langstaff and Yonge. Thus delaying me an extra hour of time. Oh well, got home eventually to still, cut my hair, iron my shirt, and get everything else ready. Getting to the limo was good, it was already there when I arrived ON TIME =P Well, it was worth the late wait since the late ladies blanked the guys minds out in a first appearance. Left a bit later than expected, but we got there on time. Princesses to take note of: little, classy, traditional, royalty with servant taking the bus HAHAHA, blue and simple, and lastly cheerful orange for Mr. PMS (hehehe). Also add pretty and cute to all of the above. If I missed any, beat me up. We still arrived on time. A few pictures and all, hmmm I wonder if the others got their photos done? Bleh if A and I are the only ones, and that was a scheme, BOY will I store the photos deep down in the centre of the earth. J/K, I'll treasure them as much as life. S and his "friend" (DATE) took photos too, and seeing S turn bright red during the position hahaha, I just wish he'd perhaps smile. I also wish I could smile nicely on demand myself. I think I messed up the 2nd photo. Oh well, maybe it'll be airbrushed with improvement or something. The place was very nice, food was okay, and I need to tone down my standards. I still stink at dancing, and I really don't look where I'm going, or what I'm hitting with my arms. Sorry everyone, well things'll improve eventually. Now to that little quote at the top. First the soft music, UGH I missed asking once, because I'm at the other end of the banquet hall, and she went to dance already, that's okay, but there's NOOOOOBODY around either. SAD, tardy, and felt lonely. So I looked out, and up at the sky just to get my focus and personality back. 2nd time, LAAATE because I took a deep breath, and she picked someone. OMG I'm such an IDIOT and a bad "designated date". So I punch my head for being weak. 3rd time! No other chances will be given I think, and I WAS RIGHT! Phew, 3rd time charm? Lucky ducky I am. Oddly in the midst of many eyes too (covers profile and looks away). Bah, who cares, I came to have fun, and have fun with a friend too, so well, erm yeeah, once was how shall I say this, it's kind of hard to describe a success from courage like that. Because I never had a success like that before. So, anyways, it was fun, except i was stepping on her toes I think (so ashamed, I can't even do side-to-side slow dance, how will I ever learn to waltz?!). Kind of silent, except for the odd school talk of the class we both skipped today hahahaha. Piccies I have are from the beginning limo ride as all my outside before limo ride photos were screwed up by bad settings. And I didn't take photos during the event because I'd much rather try to have fun. I kind of don't like active photo taking because you're concentrating on trying to find a good shot, and not enjoy the times. So I have photos at the end before we leave, and the whacky ride back. The girls weren't even drunk yet, but they were soo hyper in the limo. Too much softdrink, anyways, came home to find that I didn't shut my computer down AGAIN, baaad I should shut it down to not give the impression that I'm still around. Well everyone knew in advance I wasn't around, so it was okay too. That's about it, a grand night that I wish lasted until the time I wrote this entry instead of the 12:00AM mark. See you all sooner or later.

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